Episode 2 - Schizophilia

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Episode Stats

Season 3 Episode 2

Title: Schizophilia

Air Date: 3/26/2015

Length: 1:01:24

Swear Jar Count: 21, Veronica had 25% on their "Imma Die" die for the episode. Veronica then gives the cast the opportunity to add 10 points of sanity back to a character at any time.

Next Episode: Episode 3 - More Than I Can Chew

Previous Episode: Episode 1 - This is the New Sh*t

From the Website

The gang hustles their buns to get Erik patched up. Did you know that nightgaunt tastes like alligator? True story.

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Episode Synopsis

This time on Cthulhu and friends…

Luna sees Cthulhu in the sky and something insider her snaps. She launches an attack at Jack, however Jack talks her down.

After the group arrives at Tes's, the cryo pod is brought inside. Luna hears an odd noise and goes to investigate. She notices that there's a book missing from the bookshelf and sees a spinning coin. Jack goes to Luna and pics up the coin. He sees a vision of Harold taking the book. Trying not to alarm anyone, he pulls Tes aside. Tes explains that the missing journal contains the location of Jack's cat people.

Alarms start to go off in the lab as Erik is finally thawed and is prepped for surgery. Clem and Ronald aid Tes as she tries to stabilize Erik. Once the surgery is completed, Erik is moved to the cloning machine.

Afterwards, while searching through the house, Luna notices an odd raven. As she draws closer, she sees symbols on its beak and claws. She brings it to Jack who, after looking at it, determines it is cursed. Jack asks Clem about the curse, but Clem evades answering. When Ronald asks her for an explanation, she merely says, "There are other worlds than these."

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