Episode 303 - Something Mailbag This Way Comes

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An adorable baby clone of Lahni Caplain
"I had a DnD Podcast T-shirt on, and someone said, 'I love that show.' and I'm like, 'I'm on it!' ~ Jennifer Cheek, superstar


Episode 303 - Something Mailbag This Way Comes

Before we jump into the next chunk of this arc we wanted to take a moment to answer y’all’s burning questions! Thank you all so much for writing in. We always love doing these eps since it gives us a chance to wild out a bit. Next episode we will I guess go into some sort of worse place than Prison Planet so that is something nice to think about. I think one of the planes was entirely on fire? Working on our tans would be nice, I guess… Anyways I don’t think there are any controversial questions this time (Pie is better than Cake) but feel free to scream at your listening device along with us.



A Note: I try to spell everyone's name as accurately as I can. Since, I don't know the names, I might get them wrong. Sorry if you see your's or a loved one's name on here, and it's misspelled. Also, I am not trying to write down verbatim what each person said in his/her/their questions, but they are in quotes. It's confusing, but it's fine. I'm paraphrasing.

  • Question 1
    • Michael Urban asks, "What's better: Friends, or Frasier"?
      • Jennifer and Tim: Frasier!
      • Nika: They're both bad!
      • Michael: Nika can't like it because it has Ros in it.
  • Question 2
    • Michael Urban asks, "Please describe how your characters see each other (Michael, feel free to pick up and do the same for an NPC)."
    • Jennifer: Rowan and Toby have a lot of history together, but Rowan and Lahni are almost there to being besties.
    • They all go over various relationships and what-not.
  • Question 3:
    • DiscordianToken asks, "When you make characters, do you go out of your way to make something you haven't played, or do you try to recreate characters?"
      • Jennifer: New, different characters each time.
      • Tim: Same thing, different characters.
      • Michael: Also different.
      • Nika: Different characters, but will bring back someone who she liked, but didn't get a proper resolution.
  • Question 4:
    • MisterRed (that's me!) asks, "Was there ever a Baron von Du, or was Adira making it up?"
      • Michael: Yeah, there was a Baron von Du.
  • Question 5:
    • MisterRed asks, "Whatever happened to Slaad the Slaad?"
      • Michael: He's an agent of pure chaos. Who knows where he is.
  • Question 6:
    • MisterRed asks about the Abriged Drunks and Dragons.
      • Michael: That's not gonna continue.
  • Question 7:
    • MisterRed asks about possibly changing the name to be more sponsor friendly.
      • Several possible names are considered.
  • Question 8:
    • MisterRed asks, "Nika, How many lives has Jaela had?"
  • Question 9:
    • MisterRed asks, "Which Sex and the City character are you?"
      • Nika: Charlotte, but sometimes a Carrie, and sometimes when she gets drunk, a Samantha.
      • Tim: Mr. Big (Boo)
      • Michael: Never seen it (Boo)
      • Jennifer: Miranda (Samsies)
  • Question 10:
    • What is one "hidden" aspect of yourselves that you have incorporated into your characters?
      • Tim: Uses people.
      • Jennifer: Rowan represents some of her own worst qualities, such as problem avoidance.
      • Nika: Dark Jaela.
  • Question 11:
    • Musashi asks, "I want to get into DnD, but I can't find a DM. I'm thinking about DMing myself. Do you have any advice? What books should I buy? Physical copy or D&D Beyond?"
      • The Players Handbook, Monsters Manual, and The Dungeon Masters Guide, in that order.
      • Also, look up Matt Colville's Running the Game series on Youtube. Here's a playlist.
  • Question 12:
    • Twitter asks, "What process do you use to get into character?"
      • Nika: Drink!
      • Also, they talk about it in the chat.
  • Question 13:
    • Hugo asks, "Is there a Dr. Ruth equivalent in Drunkeros?"
      • Jennifer: Probably!
  • Question 14:
    • Lahni, what are some delicious treats where you're from?
      • Find some recently deceased meat that hasn't turned yet (you can't kill it yourself), and mash some mint leaves into it.
  • Question 15:
    • Lahni, is it hard to be around people? You're always so friendly.
      • She's always happy to make new friends, but since everyone she knows is dead, she's got to be careful about who she trusts.
  • Question 17:
    • Toby, how do you keep your books safe during travel?
      • Keep Rowan away from the books AT ALL COSTS!
  • Question 19:
    • What's your favorite moment in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure?
      • Jennifer: When the guy who turns into a dinosaur looks for the pieces of Jesus Christ's body.
      • Tim: When a guy lets his house burn down, so he can win a dice game.
      • Michael: "HO-LY SHIT! OH MY GOD!"
      • I don't know what any of this means, but there you go.
  • Question 21:
    • What is your character's secret guilty pleasure?
      • Toby: Not washing out the beakers after use.
      • Rowan: Read child-hood books in her pajamas.
      • Ros: Getting pedicures
      • Lahni: Rolling around in the dirt on Sundays.
      • Toby: "Googling" himself in the White Spire Sending Network
  • Question 22:
    • What pets would your characters have?
      • Toby already has a rat named Snake, and Arlington, his familiar who can turn into anything!
      • Lahni has her ferret!
      • Rowan: Either a normal dog, or a scorpion.
      • Frank: He has a goldfish named Goldie, that he feeds so regularly that Goldie will live forever.
  • Question 23:
    • Michael, would you ever kill a PC without telling the player first?
      • No, but he might let them die in a reversible way.
  • Question 24:
    • Marry/Fuck/Kill Wed/Bed/Behead NPC's (Specificly, Ros, Adira Harper, and Ashayara Dayne, then they try to figure out who they should do for three dudes. It's a lot of that for a while)
      • I'm not gonna get too deep into this one. It's all over the place
  • Question 25:
    • Tim, would you do a Sly Flourish?
      • He does. (Tears)


  • Lahni has never been in the Jerk Yert
    • She's also never fucked, and isn't really into it. She may be asexual
      • Toby also doesn't think about it too much, but isn't opposed to the idea
  • Frank views Skud in a romantic way
  • Gertrude The'arcane confirmed to be Zird's mom!
  • The Baby-sitters Club are all dead.
  • The dead ferret Lahni carries around with her was her childhood pet, and when it died, her pappi taxidermied it so it could stay with her forever