Episode 305 - A Grand Battle Part 2

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Jaela in full battle armor
"Holy shit... Oh, damn. Are you all seeing what I'm seeing? Oh. I hope it's real. It's been a while..." ~ the horniest Ros, upon seeing Thom


Episode 305 - A Grand Battle Part 2

The battle outside Deephome rages on, but will our heroes be able to keep their rag tag army in check against the onslaught of the approaching Dragons!? That is such a stressful thing to think about! Did we ever imagine the Aludra who woke up on that slab all those years ago and would be commanding an army? They grow up so fast. Unfortunately, there is another shade from Aludra’s past on the horizon. Surely… it cannot be…I will not say that heroes name! Trickster! Charlatan!

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Long Story

Facing off against The Army of Tiamat, the Ätlän-tã Fælcons (now including Rose Underhill) stand united, in defense of Deephome. A giant red dragonborn has just descended to meet them, being ridden by none other than Thom the Dragonborn! Wielding Blood Drinker!!!

There's a brief flashback to some of the Dragonborn sneaking into Deephome and lowering the shields, allowing the rest of the army in. Then we flash back forward again to the present.

Aludra is, understandably, a little overwhelmed at seeing her dead friend alive and in front of her, and she voices her concerns to Jaela, who seems more preoccupied with his sword than him. Steve (who, remember, lived in Thom's head for a prolonged period of time) is also surprised to see Thom. Ros and Bucky have also had a history with Thom. Ros was his lover, while Bucky was his adopted son. Jaela calls Princess Ivy Bluemoon, the last of the Pegasi, and flies up to Thom. Buck joins her, riding Daisy. They scuffle in the air, Jaela desperately trying to get her purple hands on Blood Drinker. Thom attacks Bucky, who tumbles off of his noble steed. Jaela is forced to to make a decision: to save Bucky, or try to grab Blood Drinker. In true Jaela fashion, she does not make that decision, but instead leaps off Princess Ivy Bluemoon, telling her to go after Bucky, while herself leaping towards Thom using her Winged Boots.

As they scuffle in the air, something strange is going on in the water below. The sea has begun to bubble and boil, and Winston's boat begins to rise up. From underneath, the truly horriffic sight of Tiamat herself emerges from the lake!


Most of this episode is just everyone reacting to Thom being back, and moving pieces around. Bucky is pushed off Daisy and falls to the ground, so Jaela sends Princess Ivy Bluemoon to save him. She then goes to attack Thom. Then Tiamat shows up! Oh, god, no!

Luccan Swears

  • "Eat shit, dragon. This is for my Loxtadon (?) friend from way back. This is a reference maybe you'll get. At Patreon.com/DnDPodcast. HWAH!"


  • I didn't mention it in the last episode, but Pyre has forces from Mastwick fighting on the side of the Army of Tiamat

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