Episode 308 - The Head of Accounting

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The Evolution of Bucky Wyrmsbane

"I have diarrhea!" ~ Toby, very loudly

"Frank, I want you to take a coin, and I want you to stomp on it." ~ Rowan Grey


Episode 308 - The Head of Accounting

Frank is cool now so we owe it to him to find out what is up with his weird, probably evil boss. Don’t tell Frank, but any excuse to continue to attend the various brunches around the city is always at the top of our minds. If we happen to discover some sort of evil plan that ties all this god capturing shenanigans then that is just icing on my large cinnamon roll.

Cast and Player Characters

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Long Story

Lahni has just phased into the office of Oseary Drakoolus at the Pelor's Hope bank, Ferrim Pecunia. She is aghast to see how poorly decorated it is, yet how greatly decorated it wants to be. She sees this artwork hanging on the wall:

Look at it. LOOK AT IT!

Toby asked her to find something personal of Oseary's, so that he can more easily scry on him, so she goes to work looking for some icky fingernail clippings. She finds none, but is able to see a bookshelf, full of books, weirdly. A quick rifle through reveals that they are all about torture, or at least, are torture adjacent. She grabs some of his notes that he's not as likely to notice, and the putter he uses for in-office golfing, you know. She then leaves.

Toby is, understandably, excited to take these things, and he runs into another bathroom to scry on Oseary, using his Crystal Ball of Telepathy. He begins to see the amourphous shape of a man sitting at a desk, before it vanishes. He then sends Message to everyone telling them to go with the original plan of waiting outside Oseary's office. When Frank finally comes out of the bathroom, he expresses his nervousness at Oseary's absence. Together, they wait.

As they wait, they discuss Frank's roll at The Tower of Grey. He claims to have saved their lives with his fiscal ways, while they claim to have saved his, with their life-saving ways. Frank refuses to believe that the bank is evil, even after Toby shows him the books Lahni found. Frank gets fed up and tries to leave, but is held in place by Toby's magic. Frank then suggests that they go to Oseary's manor home and confront him about this whole "Hell Bank" situation. Skud informs them all that he could cast Disguise Self on himself, and turn into Frank, himself. Then he could go meet Oseary. Frank is okay with this.

So they go, and when they get there, they see that there are terrifying dragon statues by the gate. Suspicious! In fact, there's a lot of draconic imagery! Skud makes himself look like Frank, and Toby makes Frank looks like Skud. This causes much confusion.

As the group approaches the dragon's lair Oseary's home, the door swings open before him, and the man himself stands in the doorway. He greets Frank (actually Skud), and there is a nervous exchange. Then. Oseary references The Orb. This sets off Toby, who notices that they never told him about it. Oseary then thanks Frank for bringing The Tower right to them. Uh oh. The nearby fountain on the lawn begins to freeze over. In fact, a noticeable chill falls over them all. Oseary raises a hand and tells Frank that he shall have his reward. A crossbow bolt strikes Skud (pretending to be Frank, remember) in the chest.

And before them, Oseary Drakoolus begins to morph into the form of an ancient white dragon...


Toby is unable to scry on Oseary Drakoolus, and they get tired of waiting, so Frank suggests they go to his Manor in town. Skud disguises himself as Frank, and Frank is in turned disguised as Skud. When they meet Oseary, he references the Orb without being told about it, and thanks Frank for leading the Tower of Grey to him. He then has a crossbow bolt sent into Frank's chest, but is actually Skud's chest. He then turns into an ancient white dragon in front of them!


  • There's only gender-neutral bathrooms in Drunkeros
    • They actually have stalls with multiple toilets in it, or "multi-folk" stalls
  • Rowan makes Frank is Employee of the Month!

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