Episode 309 - A Maze for You, Dear Drakoolus

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A new map of Drunkeros
"I cast Maze!" ~ Bachmann


Episode 309 - A Maze for You, Dear Drakoolus

I am not one to say I told you so but a fella running a damn bank named Oseary Drakoolus is a red flag and a half. Luckily we are seasoned heroes ready for any threat! And two wizards working together while a Monk and a Ranger protect them is a powerful combo worthy to be feared!

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Long Story

The Tower of Grey have found themselves in a very precarious situation, indeed. Skud is currently in the form of Frank Ubell, who, in turn, is in the form of Skud. They stand at the doorway of Oseary Drakoolus, who has just revealed himself to be an ancient white dragon. Also, a crossbow bolt has just flown out and struck Skud-in-the-shape-of-Frank. With all of that set up, it's sure to be one hell of a fight.

Skud starts off by blasting him with a neat Fire Bolt, striking true. Lahni turns goddam invisible and hides from the dragon, while Rowan curses him twice with her Oathbow and shoots at him. She also stacks a bunch of stuff to do a ton of extra dice. Toby casts Maze. The dragon vanishes into the air, and doesn't reappear instantly! With the monster gone, the heroes take a moment to prepare themselves. Skud readies a Ray of Sickness, 2 of his skeletons ready their swords, while the third readies his Magic Missile wand, the one that says "Skud Missile" on the side.

Four guards in dragon-themed armor run up on them, two running for Skud, and two for Toby. Lahni (still invisible) moves and attacks all of them. Toby deftly avoids getting stabbed in the goddamn face by these guards, while Rowan goes for the two attacking Skud, using her Volley skill to attack more than one. Since Lahni has already hit these guards, she is able to use some extra abilities. It's a nice moment of teamwork and mastery of their characters that is really nice to see. It's immediately followed by Jennifer forgetting to make an attack roll, so, it's the same old group, everyone, you don't have to worry about that. Things get a little silly as they try to take out these guards before the dragon re-appears. Toby uses his Robe of Stars to send out SEVEN MAGIC MISSILES!

After this scuffle, Oseary (is it Oseary? I think it probably is. Occam's Razor and all that.) reappears, triggering Skud's Ray of Sickness. His skeletons then unleash their arrows (I thought he prepared swords before, but that seems untrue now. It was too long ago to go back and check, so if someone could verify that and correct me, that'd be great.) Skud then casts Maze! As quickly as he reappeared, Oseary vanishes once more. His skeletons then unleash their arrows once more, this time on the guards surrounding them, killing one. Lahni continues running around kicking and punching at mach speeds, while Rowan sends out her Dancing Rapier, killing a second guard. A third guard runs off, scared. Toby casts Geas on the final guard, commanding him to run away, which he does.

With the guards out of the picture, the dragon once again appears before them. And with no more Mazes to send him to, the Tower of Grey seems to have no choice, but to fight this terrible beast...


Oseary Drakoolus (in dragon form) attacks our friends, and so do four of his mean guards! Fortunately, Toby and Skud are able to send the dragon to a labyrinthine maze, which removes him from the picture, while Lahni and Rowan whittle down on the guards. Two of them are killed, and the other two run off scared. That's when the dragon reappears and properly attacks!


  • One of Skud's skeletons is named Fumiko, remember?

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  • Recap
    • Tim - 19
    • Jennifer - 15
    • Bachmann - 18
    • Nika - 17