Episode 310 - With Tooth and Nail

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"Can't we break into the bank and erase our debt? AND keep this money?" ~ Toby Treacletart

"That's, not... They don't have computers here." ~ Frank Ubell


Episode 310 - With Tooth and Nail

We are really showing that dragon what’s what, aren’t we? Unfortunately, Drakoolus’s guards are no push over so the gang still has to stay on their combat toes or else risk serious bodily harm. More disconcerting, however, is the mental damage poor Frank must be experiencing… Poor guy.

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Long Story

The Tower of Grey have found themselves face to face with an Ancient White Dragon, once known to them as Oseary Drakoolus. Skud begins the battle by sending out a weaponized racoon to attack it, then blasts him with a Ray of Sickness. Lahni does a million punches, and Rowan arrow blasts him, soon dealing the killing blow. The party defeats the dragon in record time.

Frank, aghast, drops to his knees. He's very upset that his former boss was a mean monster, and then died. Toby begins rooting around in his mouth to make some horrific poison, while Lahni removes some scales from his exterior. To make Frank feel better, Skud convinces him to remove one of the dragon's teeth. Lahni un-invisibles herself, to the surprise of everyone except Rowan. With all the nonsense out of the way, they finally enter Oseary's home. As expected, it is all very dragon-related. Lahni realizes that Drakoolus has, on his person, a badge that claims him has the Head of Accounting, and reaons that they could find a way to use that to get themselves a ton of money. You know, like a crime.

There's a breif discussion about how best to get everyone into the bank. They would each need a badge of their own, Frank says, so Skud steals Frank's badge. Lahni can go invisible, so that's not gonna be a problem, but it does leave Rowan. Frank convinces them that, instead of stealing from the bank, they should steal from Oseary's house, since they're there, so Lahni finds the six Fabergé Eggs that he owns. Owned.

Toby begins searching for incriminating evidence. Meanwhile, Frank counts up all the money and surmises that they could use it to pay off their debt to Ferrim Pecunia. The house is still on the table, so to speak, in terms of them stealing and owning it, but Frank insists that that can't happen. This prompts Rowan to suggest that Frank himself move in, seeing as how he deserves it. This seems to be a 180 on how she, and everyone, previously felt about Frank, which is fine. They've grown a lot together, you know? In fact, Toby offers Frank a position at The Tower of Grey as their official accountant (Rowan is hoping they could use his house as a vacation home). He then has an even better idea: for Frank to stay on at the Ferrim Pecunia as their inside man, gathering intel and sneaking information/money to their own allies. Toby seems genuinely upset at the idea that he wouldn't be adventuring anymore, which also seems like the opposite of how he previously felt about the bald little man. Frank accepts the offer by chopping off one of his own fingers. This seems at first horrific, and it is, but remember that Toby is using the fingers of his friends to create clones of everyone, so this officially cements him as a full on member of the Tower of Grey!

BUT WAIT! THERE'S NO CLERIC HERE! The Tower's on-retainer cleric, Clarence Scrimald, is way back in Greenham, so Rowan has to Cure his Wounds. Also, conveniently enough, Frank finds four Letters of Recommendation, written, signed, and sealed by Drakoolus himself, which they could probably use to get jobs at the bank!


The gang defeats the dragon with surprising ease. After pilfering Drakoolus's body, they turn to his worldly possession by stealing things from his home. They are able to amass enough money to pay off their debt to the Ferrim Pecunia. They also find 4 Letters of Recommendation, which they think they could use to get jobs at the bank. They ALSO offer Frank a job working for them, but then assign him to go undercover as his old job, so he can steal information from the bank, which he agrees to do after their adventures are over.


  • They seriously defeat the dragon in, like, one goddamn round. He had 333 hp, and they blasted the fuck through it all
  • Michael hates wyverns, the dragons that have no front legs, and have hand things on their wings. All the Drunkeros dragons have four legs
  • Frank says that it's legal to take someone's money if you kill that person. GOOD TO FUCKING KNOW, FRANK!
  • The Letters of Recommendation are for the following names (hereby known as their "bank-sonas":
    • E. E. Macgillycuddy, which Toby claims
    • Yaug Lincker, which Skud claims
    • Rowlen Silvari, which Rowan claims
    • Lamborgani Sneck'Peck, which Lahni claims

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    • Jennifer - 7
    • Bachmann - 16