Episode 311 - Banksona 1

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The Toby's: 2, modern, and O.G.
"Hi, my name's Lambourghini SnackPack, and I'm here for an interview!" ~ Lambourghini SnackPack/Lahni/Nika


Episode 311 - Banksona 1

Dress for the job you want and when you want a job at an evil bank in the big city, well, the only option is to dress to the 7s. Rowan, unfortunately, is afraid of having a job so she ran into the woods! (Jennifer was in NYC for work). Gather around and listen to the tale of 3 brave heroes who must try with all their might to get a job at a bank.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



Long Story

Having just found a series of Letters of Recommendation allowing them to infiltrate the dreaded bank, Ferrim Pecunia, The Tower of Grey (minus Rowan, who apparently ran off into the woods for fear of having a real job), deliberate on their next move. Frank Ubell informs them all that the interior of the bank is a Null Magic Zone. This obviously upsets Toby. Skud's skeletons probably can't enter the Null Magic Zone, or else they'll just fall apart. Further, Frank tells them that there is soon to be a corporate retreat to the main headquarters, so if the gang is able to get in, they will be sent right to Hell! So to speak. Another wrinkle: Toby and Rowan are known to the bankers, famous for their outstanding debt. Rowan won't be a problem, since she's gone, but Toby will need to somehow wear a disguise. It's possible, he suggests, to send Toby 2 around pretending to be the real Toby, to throw them off the scent. And his white hair and a proper new wardrobe should be enough to fool them, right?

They decide to go shopping, Frank naughtily excited to spend some money. Seems this new Frank is quite keen to let his freaky side loose after all this time. The party goes to Duschaen's, a tailor shop in town, and meet the owner, one Rolan Duschaen, whom Toby immediately begins telling everything. This doesn't affect anything, and they spend a loooooong time buying many ridiculous clothes. Toby ends up wearing a purple/pink/blue paisley long cinched together overcoat thing, with no sleeves, with a black long sleeves button-down shirt with tiny stars on it, with blood-red boots, black pants, blood-red gloves, and a black leather wizard hat, and a bolo tie with a bird skill. Lahni wears a piss-yellow tuxedo with tails, a Kid Rock concert T-shirt with the sleeves ripped off, so it's a tank top, barefoot, with wraps for shoes, a white cummerbund, and is wearing an ascot as a bandanna around her head. Skud is wearing a rhinestone-strapped chifon overlay top (long and flowey black top), a little bit o accent along the top, white pants, a mesh bracelet with charms dangling from it, and a white handbag with silvery studs across the top. It looks like a chest with a lion's head and a knocker hanging from the mouth. Truly, inconspicuous indeed. That's when Frank reminds them that they're interview is in TEN MINUTES!

Lahni very quickly uses her disguise kit to make-up everyone in a disguise. Frank peaces out, while the others enter the bank. They are told to meet with Becky Uumellma in HR. They do this, and hand over their letters. Becky takes kindly to them, and things seem to be going well (despite Toby being the world's worst liar). After an incredibly strange interview, they are hired! Becky tells them to go and talk to Doug Dimmadab, who is having trouble with his printing press. This will serve as a kind of test for hem, seeing how they will fit in at the company.


Basically, everyone gets a job at a bank. I never thought that would be the summary of a session of Dungeons and Dragons, but here we are.


  • Skud's shoulders are revealed, and they look great. Just a note for the fan-artists
  • This Becky would be the second Becky in the show. The first was the leader of The Baby-sitters Club, Becky
  • E. E. Macgillycuddy stands for Ernest Eggbert Macgillycuddy
  • They are asked about their greatest strengths:
    • Toby - That he has no weaknesses
    • Skud - His impeccable envelope sealing skills
  • And their weaknesses:
    • Skud - knows every bone in the human body/spouting out random nonsense facts

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Nika - 5
    • Tim - 17
    • Bachmann - 9