Episode 315 - Hell Room

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{From Left to Right:} Rowan Grey. Skud Derringer, Frank Ubell, Toby Treacletart, and Lahni Caplain, around Pam's desk from The Office
"This is a great idea, um... Don't we just need to get the Pyramid and get out of here?" ~ Frank, the train conductor


Episode 315 - Hell Room

This dang corporate retreat is going to kill us. Probably literally. This infernal bank has strange and dangerous magics we have never seen before and that is terrifying. Surely, we are strong enough to overcome any obsticle but at what cost? Being shot with hell beams hurts like…well…hell.

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Long Story

Having just tested their ability to rebel against their unseen tormentors, The Tower of Grey (sans Rowan), hear Ceth Lucid's voice call out to them, that they have lost one loyalty point. Skud presses his button as soon as it lights up, resulting in a distant scream. One that sounds a bit like Frank Ubell. Toby, once his lights up, does not press it, but instead begins investigating it. Lahni runs face first into the wall, in an attempt to phase through it. She is unsuccessful, but is weirdly not hurt by it. She is also weirdly not hurt by a laser blast that she dodges out of the way of. Apparently this was punishment for leaving the table, and, as Ceth tells them, failing to accept punishment, is also cause for more punishment. The target this time is Toby, who is unable to dodge out of the way. The blast does ONE HUNDRED DAMAGE POINTS! nearly killing the poor gnome. He does press his button, though. Steven's button lights up again, and he presses it immediately. Same for Azazel, though after a slight hesitation.

Skud heals Toby, who sneaks under the table and begins tinkering with the table/button component thing. Unfortunately, however, the room is monitored, as revealed by strange writing on the wall. Fortunately, however, the Tobester is one of the worlds greatest wizards, and is able to create an illusion of himself sitting at the table. Skud sends one of his skeletons, Akkio, down there to help, and together, they are able to find and cut a bundle of wires. Things start to go haywire, so Toby creates a barrier around them all. He, Skud, and Lahni catch Azazel and Steven up to speed. Together, they decide to play things cool for now, and only fight if they need to. Skud heals Toby, Toby casts Mass Suggestion on the others in the room, telling them not to say anything about their tinkering, and Lahni offers to shuttle people away if they get too hurt, and with that, they are ready for whatever comes through the door.

Turns out it's just the IT department, who simply fixes the wires and leaves. Huh. Bit anticlimactic for me but whatevs. The writing on the wall informs them that it is time for "Bonus Relaxation Time", aka dinner, so they go there.

They meet up with Rowan, who looks like she's been through hell, but has no memory of what happened to her. In fact, she thinks she's fine. They all sneak off behind a bush to talk, where Rowan is filled in on what's been going down. They know that there is going to be a talent show in three day's time, and maybe they can use that to get everyone around them to unionize? It's a great plan, but Frank pipes in to remind them that they just need to get the Jade Pyramid. Obviously, everyone has forgotten about this, so they immediately turn their attention to that. The Pyramid would be kept in the vaults in the lower region of the bank, so they'll need to get there somehow. They make a plan to have dinner, then get a bunch of people to distract Ceth, then they can infiltrate the bank.

They set out to dinner, ordering drinks and making the smallest of talks. They figure out that the drinks being served are actually non-alcoholic, so Lahni begins serving Ferret Wine to everyone, and the party begins to loosen up. As the party (bank) continues, the party (DnD) converges to plan for their bank heist.


Skud, Lahni, and Toby mess with the bankers, refusing to press their buttons. They eventually tell Steven and Azazel everything and then go to dinner. Rowan joins them, looking wounded, but with no memory of why. Together, they decide to cause a distraction and go to the bank to find the Jade Pyramid, the very thing they came to this hell world to find.


  • This is the episode where the new name of the show is announced, "Greetings, Adventurers!" I, for one, love it
  • Bachmann is adamant that they got potions at some point and never used them. I don't remember this, but Michael allows that the party has five potions amongst them all

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