Episode 316 - Robo Reconnaissance

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Jaela and Aludra, Chinese style
"He did see me make fake robot do ham run." ~ Tim Lanning, 2019


Episode 316 - Robo Reconnaissance

Look we know the hell bank vault is going to have a lot of defenses but what else are we supposed to do? Not try to break in??? No, the only logical course of action is to rush into danger with a plan we know will not work and then adapt a new plan once we get down there. How bad could it be?

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Long Story

The Tower of Grey find themselves waist-high in Hawaiian-style resort party. They ended the last episode by getting everyone drunk, so now, they use this opportunity to Conga-line themselves away from the party, towards the bank. They know that the bank here has the exact same layout as the one in Pelor's Hope, so they are a bit familiar with it. As they try to sneak away, Skud accidentally trips and makes a noise, alerting two guards, who come over and investigate. Skud casts Feign Death on Bercy Hamhands, and tries to get the guard-bots to take him away. Instead, one of the bots does so, while the other wants to escort them back to dinner. They try many things to distract this guard-bot, including Toby making the illusion of an injured bot. Nothing works. Eventually, they just give in and return to the party. Once there, Toby casts Seeming on them one at a time to turn them into guard-bots themselves. Yay, magic! They then make their way to the bank.

Some things that they know: There are three lower levels. Below those three levels is the vault. Frank warns them that the entrance to the bank is a Null Magic Zone, so they will lose their disguises as soon as they enter, though they can reapply it once they get through. Also, there are two guards stationed at the entrance. Piss. Lahni has the ability to turn herself invisible for up to four minutes, without using magic, and Rowan has the ability to remain so still as to appear invisible to the naked eye, a la Drax. So that could work.

They decide on some of this plan (it's a bit nebulous). Lahni turns invisible and runs inside, where she sees two robot guards standing on either side of a large closed door. Above it is a dome shape, which Nika knows to be one of those security cameras. Lahni ignores this and attempts to run/phase through the door. Unfortunately, her Boots of Phasing are magical, and don't work in this room. So she runs right into the door and makes a loud noise, causing the robots and the camera to light up. They attack, and the Tower of Grey outside leaps into action.

First, Toby shoots a fireball into the room, to hit both bots, and the camera. Lahni is also hit, but not by as much, because she has resistance. One of the bots runs toward Skud/Rowan, granting Lahni an opportunity attack. She hits it, but it still charges, crashing through Rowan and landing on Skud, who is knocked prone. Rowan attempts to run back, but the robot strikes her with an electrified flail. It also emits an arch of electricity, shocking Skud and Toby. Rowan attacks it with her Oathbow. Lahni runs out of the room, getting hit by a robot as she goes. She leap kicks onto the robot on top of Skud, kicking it off of him. The other bot transforms, gaining an arm canon. Skud is able to kill the first robot by summoning a Spiritual Weapon behind it, then casting Fire Bolt to smash into it. This sends it flying into the spiritual weapon, which slowly eviscerates it.

Toby casts Levitate on the remaining bot, 20 ft up. Rowan, again, attacks it with her Oathbow. Lahni hits it a bunch. It shoots at them, downing Toby. This causes it to float to the ground, since the gnome's concentration is broken. Skud casts Feather Fall. Then his Spiritual Weapon attacks the bot. Then he fires a Chromatic Orb at him, using acid damage. But he fails. Toby makes a successful death saving throw, while Rowan casts Hail of Thrones and shoots at it. Finally, the robot is destroyed!


The Tower of Grey experience myriad issues getting away from the resort party, but nonetheless, they do it. Eventually, disguised as robot guards, the group gets to the bank, with the purpose of descending to the lower levels and infiltrating The Vault at the bottom. They have to fight through two robo-guards to do it, but they are able to do that. Though they do alert the bank to their presence in the process. Oh well. You can't be perfect all the time.


  • Michael specifies that if any piece of the artifact is left intact, it will re-form itself, which is why every part of it needs to be destroyed
  • They each get special robot colors and designations
    • Rowan is a large red one,
    • Skud is designated DMP-R
    • Toby is 1337, and has green eyes
    • Lahni is 347 455
  • Skud has purple blood now. Cool

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Tim - 12
    • Jennifer - 6
    • Nika - 3
    • Bachmann - 7