Episode 31 - Fond Farewells

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Episode 31 - Fond Farewells

Hello, dear Drunks (and Dragons?). Have you recovered from last week’s very dramatic episode? Are you ready for another intense and surprising adventure with our ragtag crew? You’re not? Better slug some grog and gird your loins, because we’re getting dicey up in here. This week’s episode centers around fond farewells and quests both old and new. So put in your headphones! We’re going to the Lost Isle.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



A very somber party goes back to the boat and departs for The Lost Island. Everybody is really bummed out. Ros is ever the businesswoman and needs the party's approval on some new hires. They weed through the chaf and eventually decide on Winston and Harper. Winston because he is burly and strong. Harper because he almost simultaneously melts Ros and Aludra's panties off with his good looks. They set off for and eventually reach The Lost Island using the magic compass Tum "Darkblade" Thumble gave his life for. They arrive at the Lost Island to find it full of Githyanki and Junpei Iori gets his memories back. Junpei remembers that he grew up here and that the island is often attacked by cannibal Githyanki. Junpei left to become a pirate but now realizes that he has to help his people from the cannibals. A crew asks him to go with them and he agrees. More tears are shed as Junpei imparts his belongings to Aludra the Dwarf and Thom the Dragonborn before leaving to sail the Astral Sea.


  • Final appearance of Junpei Iori
  • Final appearance of Steven Strom
  • First time a party member leaves willingly
  • First appearance of Harper!

Quest Log Updates