Episode 320 - Preparing to Get Talented

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"Toby, would you steal a loaf of bread to feed Toby's family?" ~ Skud

"I'm Toby!" ~ Toby


Episode 320 - Preparing to Get Talented

With the extreme stakes bearing down on our heroes’ shoulders they decide that the safest route to their goals is – A Talent Show. Weirder things have saved millions if our histories can be believed.

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Long Story

Having just met up with Toby, who died and is now inhabiting his own clone, and also has the key card, The Tower of Grey now spend a loooooooooooong time discussing their next moves. They need to get the other four key cards, and maybe they can use the upcoming talent show to do it. They assume that four of the heads of office from the portraits a couple episodes ago have the remaining key cards (despite Grecky [who was not on the portraits] having the red one). Responsibilities are doled out as to who will "impress/steal from" whomst. Skud will take Grinky Grongus, Toby will take Kate Aurochs, Rowan will take Lord Gorgos, and Lahni will take Ser Roses of the River, who is actually a woman. That settled, things start to dissolve into weirdness.

The party discusses Skud's proclivity to necromancy, and Toby asks Skud to resurrect Toby's dead body as a sort of Toby 3 once they get into the vault. Also, Skud implies that his father is Uthgar. Frank tells them about some of the office heads. Kate Aurochs occasionally likes to have drinks with Ser Roses of the River. Lord Gorgos never leaves his office. Mostly, this time is filled with ideas and nonsense. The come up with plans, which I'll describe as they happen. It's that trope of "If they say the plan, it will get messed up somehow, and won't work. But if they don't say the plan, it will go off without a hitch." Later on, either that day, or the next, who cares? they all go to the mixer, with the intention of getting information on the managers.


There's a discussion about what they will do next. Lahni is going to steal the green key card from Ser Roses of the River, Rowan is going to steal the white key card from Lord Gorgos, Skud is going to steal the blue key card from Grinky Grongus, and Toby is going to steal the Black key card from Kate Aurochs.


  • This is a second episode-ass second episode
  • Toby has 2 clones of himself remaining, while Rowan only has 1

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Tim - 2 - roll-off - doesn't roll
    • Nika - 16
    • Jennifer - 14
    • Bachmann - 2 - roll-off - 15