Episode 321 - The Mixer

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"Tim, if this dice is bad, I'm gonna be upset. *rolls a 1* Tim! This one gave me a 1!" ~ Jennifer


Episode 321 - The Mixer

With our emotions wounds somewhat healed we must head out into the most fearsome foe yet – a corporate mixer party. What will these dreaded hellions get into to sate their dark desires? If there is a limbo and conga line we are leaving. That is the final straw.

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Long Story

The Tower of Grey head down to the mixer, so they can talk to people and gather intel. I believe that's the sixth time I've written that phrase since this arc began, but that's okay! Out on the beach, Ceth Lucid seems to be DJing on stage, while the Dragonborn Zato is dancing with Grecky. Also notable are two elegantly dressed women at the bar, that they know to be Kate Aurochs and Ser Roses of the River. Lahni attempts to dance with Zato, but ends up accidentally making him angry, so he storms off. The group then turns their attention to Kate and Ser Roses, both of whom are stunningly beautiful (and also dragons in their human form probably). After Toby introduces himself as E. E. Macgillycuddy, Kate Aurochs tells them that she know Macgillycuddy to be dead. Apparently, that was a real person at one point. This situation resolves itself when Lahni begins sharing her ferret wine with everyone, which is, as always, a huge hit.

Lahni then notices two Robo-Guards taking Bercy Hamhands away! She tells the others, and Skud approaches the guards, like, "Well, what's all this, then?" but the guards tell him that Grinky Grongus has requested his presence. Skud and Rowan stealthily tail them as they leave the mixer and enter one of the Bungalows. Peering inside, Rowan sees no one in there, but does accidentally knock the window open. She enters, but hears a scary grinding sound coming from the floor below her. She dives out of the window, but she and Skud are not stealthy enough to avoid being caught by two more Robo-Guards who walk enter the Bungalow at that exact moment. Luckily, our heroes are on the outside of it, so surely nothing bad will happen, right?


The party talks to Kate Aurochs and Ser Roses of the River at the bar, until Lahni sees two Robo-Guards taking Bercy away. Rowan and Skud follow them to one of the Bungalows, but it's empty. The two stealthy sleuths are then noticed by two more Robo-Guards.


  • Jennifer says that Undeady Urdon (?) in the chat says that Ser Roses of the River looks like Undyne from Undertale, and seeing as how Undertale is the GREATEST VIDEO GAME OF ALL TIME, I approve

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  • Recap
    • Tim - 15
    • Jennifer - 16
    • Bachmann - 10
    • Nika - 3