Episode 322 - One Bad Bungalow

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"Thank you so much for escorting us back to our fuck Bungalow." ~ Rowan Grey

"I think there's literally a Tomb of Annhiliation, or Waterdeep puzzle that is, you have to get it wet somehow"-- No, I'm thinking of the hit film Aquaman. Go ahead." ~ Tim Lanning


Episode 322 - One Bad Bungalow

Close your eyes. Imagine an idyllic tropical resort. You would imagine that they would have some sort of cabin filled with whatever your heart desires. Now imagine you are hearing screams from a pal you met on a Prison Plane. Not a fun thought, is it. That is the life of an adventurer and it is only going to get weirder.

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Long Story

Skud and Rowan have been discovered. Skud tries to run away, but his finger and toe that are robotic light up, forcing him to stay in place. They can hear the voice of Bercy Hamhands crying out in anguish. As the Robo-Guards question them, the two pretend to have been trying to find a place to hook up, so the robots escort them back to their own Bungalow. Back at the mixer, Toby is attempting to entertain the party-goers with his storytelling. It culminates in asking Kate Aurochs to join him in the talent show, which she agrees to. He then suggests that they do the realms largest trust fall, incorporating everyone, so that it's like a trust fall domino effect. She agrees to that too. They then go to shoot fireworks together. Lahni asks Ser Roses of the River if she wants to do the show with her, where they will do an acrobatics event. She also accepts, so the two dance.

Back at the Bungalow, Skud and Rowan have a moment where they discuss their worth on the team. Skud turns his skeletons into a motorcycle, and they ride it toward the other Bungalow. Seeing no one around, Rowan steps inside the door. The only thing of interest that they find inside is a bust of a dude with a slightly moist head, that Rowan must lick, because there was a joke that Tim was doing where Rowan had to lick things, and Michael ran with it. She licks the head and a secret door opens, revealing an elevator before them. Heading down it, they see Bercy strapped to a table, with a missing leg! Grinky Grongus is there, and he has Bercy's leg, and the blue key card! Rowan and Skud enter fight mode. Skud casts Maze. The dragon, the leg, and the key card vanish. The two try to come up with a plan. Skud will take Bercy and get out of here, while Rowan hides outside the Bungalow, waiting for Grongus to return, where she will fight. Also, he tells one of his skeletons to run off to tell Toby and Lahni what's up. Everyone's going up the elevator.

Just before the doors close, Grongus reappears. Immediately, Skud casts Summon Lesser Demons, and Rowan casts Summon Woodland Creatures, aimed inside the room. Rowan chooses to summon a sea hag, which is fun. At the top of the elevator, they hear Toby's voice, talking about fireworks.


Skud and Rowan get discovered by the robots, who escort them back to their own Bungalow. Meanwhile, Toby convinces Kate Aurochs to do a giant domino-style trust fall with him for the talent show, while Lahni convinces Ser Roses of the River to do an acrobats show with her. Also, Toby and Kate run off to light fireworks. Meanwhile Meanwhile, Skud and Rowan bond over their seeming ineffectiveness in the team, then sneak back into the other Bungalow. After licking a statue bust, they descend into a scary operating room, where Bercy Hamhands has had a leg removed by Grinky Grongus. Skud banishes him via a Maze, then they rescue Bercy and take the elevator up, summoning demons and a sea hag on Grongus, who reappears just too late to catch the elevator. Also, Skud and Rowan run into Toby outside the Bungalow.


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