Episode 323 - In the Bedroom

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"Now, Michael. Let's get into it: How do you seduce me? Like, imagine I'm Toby. What are we doing?" ~ Tim Lanning

"I think I've had a really good time dancing with you, and, I was wondering if you'd like to have sex!" ~ Lahni


Episode 323 - In the Bedroom

A classic tale in spy adventures is “What if the enemy is hot and wants to kiss???” Sure, it is dangerous, but so is doing spy things! Maybe doing a little kissy is going to make things more complicated but honestly you won’t know until you find out. The mission is the most important thing and if having a bedroom moment helps he mission why not I say.

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Long Story

Toby and Kate Aurochs begin their night of fun (?) together. She takes off her dress, revealing the black key card that Toby wants to steal. From the other Bungalow, Rowan hears his cries of terror (?) and goes to investigate, looking through the window. Toby and Rowan notice each other, and silently communicate that Rowan should grab the key card. Unfortunately, it is at this time that Kate notices her, and invites her to join them. While they have their exchange, Toby uses his Mage Hand to grab the card and fling it out the window.

Meanwhile, Skud hears a loud banging from the elevator, the telltale signs of a terrifying dragon monster attempting to crash through it. Skud has managed to stabilize Bercy, and now is attempting to keep the elavator door closed.

Meanwhile, again, Lahni has been trying to steal the green key card from Ser Roses of the River, whilst the two ladies dance. Lahni, tactfully, asks if she wants to have sex. Ser Roses declines, but offers that she could accompany her on her "hunt", but warns that she sometimes gets worked up, and might hurt her. Lahni declines, so Ser Roses turns to go. Lahni attempts to stealth grab the card, but accidentally grabs her sword, instead! Ser Roses gets mad, and she begins to go super sayan. Everyone becomes frightened and runs off, including Lahni. She runs back to the Bungalows.

She finds Skud at his elevator, and the two explain both their situations quickly. We ed the episode in medias res.


Toby tries to steal the black key card from Kate Aurochs while boning down. Rowan drops in, and distracts her while Toby grabs it and throws it out the window. Meanwhile, Lahni tries to steal the green key card from Ser Roses of the River, but accidentally grabs her sword, alerting her, and making her go into dragon mode. Lahni runs off, to Skud, who has stabilized Bercy Hamhands and is trying to stop Grinky Grongus from escaping his fucked up lab/basement.


  • This is the horniest episode ever!

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