Episode 324 - Everything Leads to Dragons in the End

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Rowan Grey, wearing her Eyes of Charming
"My first arrow is Law, and my second arrow is Order" ~ Jennifer Cheek


Episode 324 - Everything Leads to Dragons in the End

Having angered yet another dragon, the gang must fight for their lives against the creatures’ fury. Meanwhile, Toby is in his own fight in the bedroom. Both are dangerous but one is fun and they other has big teeth full of lightning.

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Long Story

Skud meets up with Lahni and Skud, having just grabbed the black key card. They are attempting to hold the elevator, so Grinky Grongus doesn't break out. But what will they do when he does? Lahni suggests they dig a moat and fill it with poopy spikes, to poison him, while Skud suggests running away. They certainly can't take it on, because the last time they fought a dragon, they only defeated it by using Maze twice. Now, they don't have Toby, and Skud doesn't have his high level spell slots. They don't get to discuss it for very long, though, because Grongus burst out of the elevator at that moment! The battle begins!

Skud's skeletons go first. They begin wearing it down through use of the Magic Missile Wand, and shortbows. Lahni turns invisible, and runs around to hide. Rowan does a ton of damage with her Oathbow, and Skud uses a Chromatic Orb to blast him with fire damage. It's going well, until the Grongus transforms into his draconic form! He breaths his lightning breath on them, which hurts.

Back in the Bungalow of Kate Aurochs, Toby hears the commotion, and attempts to get away, to no avail.

Grinky Grongus the Dragon destroys Emiko the skeleton. The keycard is too high up the Dragon for anyone to reach, so it'll have to be a fight to the death. Lahni punches some more, while Rowan uses Ensaring Strike, biding the creature in place! But it breaks out. The battle rages on.

Toby gets spooned by Kate Aurochs.

The Dragon continues to wound them, doing some serious damage to Skud. It, in turn, takes a ton of damage, until, eventually, Rowan is able to land an arrow directly through the beast's throat. It dies, gurgling in its own blood.

Sensing the battle has ended, Kate whispers to Toby, "It took your friends long enough..."


After Rowan, Skud, and Lahni meet up outside the Bungalow, Grinky Grongus breaks through the elevator, and attacks them. He's in human form at first, but as the fight goes on, he turns into a gargantuan blue dragon. Lahni turns invisible, and tries to grab the key card, but it proves impossible, while Skud's Skeletons blast him with Magic Misiles, and arrows. Grongus destroys Emiko. Eventually, Rowan is able to deal the killing blow. Meanwhile Toby has been continuing his night with Kate Aurochs, who, after Grongus is defeated, says, "It took your friends long enough..."


  • I'd like to remind everyone that Rowan's Oathbow's activation phrase is "Eat my ass." That's very good
  • Lahni is resistant to all damage, except force damage. Maybe this is just because she's invisible?

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