Episode 326 - The Under-Bank

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Rowan Grey, dangling from a vine


Episode 326 - The Under-Bank

Only way to go is up, even if up seems to be an abandoned sub floor of the hell bank. Like, what if there are truly monsterous things down here? I cannot imagine that they make sure nothing horrible, some discarded security measure deemed too cruel even for this hellish bank, roams these halls. But we must take this bank down if we are to make the realms safer so forward we go.

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Long Story

Having just entered the anus of the giant robot, the Tower of Grey have to quickly shut the door before the giant flying dragon flies in there with them. Truly, among the most bizarre starts to an episode ever. The doors close, and the gang gets to work figuring out where they are going to go next. It seems they really only have one option: forward. They are in a tunnel, that leads upward. Lahni turns invisible and, taking Arlington with her, runs ahead to scout. She sees no imminent danger, and reports on this to the others, who then proceed. They come across a series of hatches, and Lahni is able to determine that one of them was recently voided, expelling its wastes out the anus cavity last episode. (sigh) Anyway, climbing up that hatch puts them in the bank proper, where Toby suggests they find uniforms to change into. Skud is able to find some, and they change! They also take this opportunity to take a short rest, the first time they've done that in a while. Before they sleep, Toby places one of his Immovable Rods at the door, propping it closed. Lahni hears a robot scout scamper around nearby, but is able to wake everyone in time for them all to be stealthy.

After their rest, they head out, to find the accounting office. They pass through the QA department, as horrific as they remember, and find the Accounting office, mostly empty, but with one light on in the back, behind a closed door. This must be Lord Gorgos's office. It's locked, but that's no match for Lahni and her Boots of Phasing. She succeeds in phasing into the room, but accidentally knocks over a vase inside, and can't catch it from hitting the floor and shattering. The man behind the desk, Lord Gorgos himself, looks up. He looks a lot like Frank, but cooler and more put together. He doesn't, however, find anything unusual in his office, since Lahni is invisible (did I mention that?), so he goes to sit back down. Lahni grabs the key card (that's all of them!) and winds up to run back through the door. Unfortunately, Nika rolls a Nat1. While she is able to phase through the door, she ends up pulling a bunch of papers off his desk, causing him to stand up.


The party makes their way through what I can only describe as the intestines of this robot. They change into security uniforms, and take a short rest. Then they find the office of Lord Gorgos. Lahni sneaks in, breaking a vase as she does, though she's able to remain hidden from Gorgos. She even is able to grab the key card and run back out the door, but blows a bunch of papers off of his desk as she does, alerting him to their presence.


  • Tim gets pretty weird about, like, the afterlife and shit
  • I thought Toby had no more immovable rods. Maybe he got more. I'll have to check back on this later.

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