Episode 327 - Chromatic Chaos

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"It's a wisdom saving throw? Oh, Michael, you fucked up on this day. 'Cause I got a 26!" ~ Bachmann

"It's a big rainbow. We're being protected by the gays!" ~ Jennifer Cheek


Episode 327 - Chromatic Chaos

Is this the Final Battle in the Hell Bank? If your heroes act fast and use all the cunning they have saved up by purposely, and bravely, making bad plans surely the end is in sight! Fighting inside a giant robot bank is extremely dangerous and we do not recommend it.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



Long Story

Lahni, the fool, has just alerted Lord Gorgos to her presence as she phase shifted out of his office. He follows her, in his large white dragon form, attacking our heroes in the hallway of the great robot bank that is the Ferrim Pecunia. The fight begins. Lahni kicks things off (so to speak) by RUNNING UP THE GODDAM WALL AND PUNCHING THE DRAGON IN THE FACE! That's friggin sweet, dude. In response, the Gorgos-dragon uses a wing wave to blast the heroes back, only succeeding on Skud and Toby. Suddenly, the wall opens up next to them, and they can see a giant, robotic hand reaching for them! If I knew anything about anime, I'd say this is an anime-ass episode. Gorgos-dragon then breaths his ice breath, coating the floor in slippery ice. Also, Skud's metallic finger and toe start to glow, you know?, and he gains the sudden urge to kill Toby. Fortunately, he is able to resist. Toby, for his part, casts the super OP spell Prismatic Wall, which encases him and his allies inside a multi-colored, multi-layered dome of magic. Each layer does something different, mostly with the end of guarding the caster. It's pretty damn cool.

The robot's hand reaches inside and grabs at the dome, activating its first, outermost layer. A burst of fire erupts as the layer vanished, all used up, and damages the hand of the great mechanical beast. Things seem pretty good inside this dome, so Michael, not one to allow happiness, decides that the robot is going to lean over, causing the floor below them to slant. Lahni and Rowan reach out and grab onto something, but Skud and Toby, are, once again, sent back, falling toward the hand. Thinking as quick as she runs, Lahni reaches out and grabs at Skud, failing to catch him, but pushing him aside, so that he can grab onto something himself. This just leaves Toby. The gnome, known for his trinkets and trickery, has a plan for this as well, and he pulls out his trusty Immovable Rod. As a brief aside, there's absolutely no way that Toby has this Immovable Rod, since it would have been on his person when he died a couple episodes ago. Whatever, he probably bought more. They're world-class adventurers. It's fine. No really, it's fine. Anyway, Toby calls all his friends to him, and they stand inside the safety dome, holding onto the rod, or each other. The Dragorgos breath more stinky ice breath at the dome, breaking through the second layer, but fails to break through the third layer. The episode ends mid-battle.


The party mostly just fights a dragon. It's fun, but because they can't cast Maze anymore, they have a really hard time with it. The episode ends after just two rounds of unfinished combat.


  • Lahni has 18 ki points
  • Remember that Game Time is the Same as Real Time
  • Michael decides to enforce a house rule that a player can use multiple spells in one turn, despite a book rule saying not to do that. The books are more of suggestions anyway...
  • Toby and those damn Immovable Rods...

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Tim - 11
    • Nika - 9
    • Bachmann - 14
    • Jennifer - 18