Episode 328 - A Victory in the Vault

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Episode 328 - A Victory in the Vault

With some quick thinking and even quicker teamwork The Tower of Grey managed to not be instantly killed by another dragon of the Hellish Bank. There are a few more left but for right now, I think I we have our hands full with this one who just won’t stop spraying ice everywhere.

Cast and Player Characters

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Long Story

Lord Gorgos is fighting our intrepid adventurers, in the hallways of the robot-bank that is Ferrim Pecunia. He moves toward a big red button on the wall that would call for help. This whole time, Skud's finger and toe have been glowing, and he has had to wrestle with the desire to turn on his friends. He succumbs to this desire, and uses his spiritual weapon to attack the dome that Toby made last episode. This fails to break through any of it's layers, and so Skud decides that now would be a good time to try to CUT HIS FINGER AND TOW OFF! He is successful at doing that, though it doesn't feel good. Rowan and Lahni do a ton of damage to the beast, and eventually, Lahni is able to punch it in the face so hard, she kills it with her bare hands! Hurray, the day is saved. But don't celebrate just yet, but a portal opens up in the sky, and freakin' Tiamat herself appears, flying toward them!

Toby doesn't have any Teleportation Scrolls on him, because they were with him when he died in the Vault, so that's where they are now. It's also where the artifact that they are looking for is, so the party (very quickly) runs down there, with the five key cards in hand. The Vault door has five slots, so all four party members (plus Toby's Mage Hand) use the keys to open the door. Inside the Vault is a ton of gold, and Toby's skeleton, which contains all his magical items, such as his Robe of Stars, and Bracers of Defense. He also gets some Teleportation Scrolls. Lahni finds the Jade Pyramid here and attaches it to The Orb, while Skud collects Toby's skeleton. There is a loud crash as Tiamat reaches the bank and enters.

Since they (obviously) couldn't fight Tiamat at all and expect to survive, and especially not now that they are all wounded, they come up with a plan to escape. Toby gives one of the scrolls to Skud, who stays here with Rowan. He also casts Haste on Lahni, and climbs on her back. Lahni, in turn, freakin' runs down the leg of the bankbot! She speeds over to the bungalows, where Frank Ubell and Bercy Hamhands are about to be arrested by guards. The gnome casts Wall of Force to blast the guards away, then collects their friends. Everyone activates their Teleportation Scrolls at once, and poofs away...


During the fight with the Lord Gorgos Dragon, Skud's finger and toe make him attack his friends, so he cuts them off! The appendages, not the friends. Together, they are able to beat Lord Gorgos, and that's when Tiamat shows up! They run to the Vault and open it together, where they find Toby's dead body, and the artifact. They take both things, and go collect Frank and Bercy before teleporting away, finally leaving the Nine Hells...


  • Lord Gorgos has the key card again in this episode, even though Lahni grabbed it two episodes ago
  • There's a long discussion about what scrolls Toby has
  • The cast will be level 19 after a long rest!

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Tim - 18
    • Jennifer - 3
    • Nika - 11
    • Bachmann - 17