Episode 32 - I HATE GNOLLS

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Episode 32 - I HATE GNOLLS

A seemingly defeated group of adventurers must face powerful enemies with their hopes slowly draining. Thom and Aludra, alone on the Lost Isle, must search for clues about the lost adventurer Captain Blindy. Without the aid of Junpei, who left the group to join a famous group of Githyanki space pirates, or Tum, who left the group for the grave. They must fight an uphill battle. If only one of their new simple boat mans would be more helpful...

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



The party meets Bucky, a plucky Githyanki orphan, who asks them to help him with a problem he is having. It seems they are having some trouble with gnolls attacking. If they help Bucky, Bucky will help them find Captain Blindy.

However the boat gets attacked by Gnolls, and we find out that Thom the Dragonborn absolutely despises Gnolls. This hatred doesn't necessarily translate into attack power though, and things don't look so good. At that moment Lord Titus Harper joins the fray, Super Smash Bros. style and reveals himself to be a powerful sorcerer. This is the first of many angsty remarks about his dark past. They defeat the Gnolls and Harper agrees to accompany them to the Forbidden Temple.


  • First appearance of Harper as a PC!
  • First appearance of Bucky!
  • It is CANON that Thom hates gnolls, despite the fact that this is the first time it's ever been brought up before

Quest Log Updates