Episode 331 - Welcome to Sigil

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"Your energy is making me excited for something other than murder!" ~ Jaela


Episode 331 - Welcome to Sigil

Let us continue these interlude stories to show you that our world is like a ticking clock. Even though your heroes from the Tower of Grey are busy saving the realms other heroes are out there also getting wild. I will say no more about who we meet today, but it is very regal.

Thanks to Celeste for joining us!

Cast and Player Characters

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Long Story

We find ourselves in Deephome, far underground, in the legendary Wyrmsbane Keep. Queen Aludra Wyrmsbane and her wife Jaela rule over the land, and are visited by one Ray, sent by Queen Ashayara Dayne to help them track down the missing Adira Harper. She is accused of capturing Melora, the Queen of Spring, and was once a member of the Circle of Seven, though has turned on them, and is trying to bring about the end of the multiverse. She's bad news, you guys. Ray tells the two queens that she requested to help them find Adira, and will do whatever it takes to bring her in. Apparently, she is an assassin under the employ of Ashayara Dayne. Cool. Old Man Weck ushers in Eckhart Dayhammer, another member of the Circle of Seven, though this one is not a traitor. He previously lost an arm, though now he sports a magical metal arm. He mentions that Adira wants to destroy the multiverse, and references the artifact that The Tower of Grey is carrying. He volunteers to accompany them to go find Adira if her location is ever known, which prompts Aludra and Jaela to reminisce about their adventuring days.

Old Man Weck again arrives, this time bringing in Ros, who was out searching for Adira, and a small gnome named Elliewick, or Ellie. Ros has found Adira! She is hiding at the very center of the multiverse, a plane called Sigil. Sigil is the city of doors at the heart of the multiverse, and is proven into several "wards". One of those wards, The Hive, is where Adira is. The problem is that the only way to enter Sigil is through a portal, of which there are many in Sigil, but all require a specific key, which could be anything. Any new portal into the city is strictly illegal, if it is not cleared through official channels. FORTUNATELY, Ellie here has found a way of constructing a portal they can use to enter the city and find her! After a short packing montage, Ellie leads them out to the portal machine she has create.

At first glance, it seems to resemble those mechanical horses that children will ride on outside of grocery stores, complete with a coin slot. However, when Eckhart Dayhammer inserts a copper piece and hops on it, he disappears! Ray follows, and then Jaela to make sure it's safe for Aludra. The dwarf follows, and finally, Ellie herself hops on, and all of them arrive in Sigil.

The place is shaped like a giant donut, the city curving forever inward, with gravity conforming to its torus shape. This means that one could walk down the "tube" of the donut without ever being pulled back. It would appear to a stationary observer that you would be walking up the wall. How very strange is that... In any event, they seem to be in the district known as "The Hive", and remember Ros telling them that they would find Adira in a tavern called The Bronze Toad. So, they head off to find it.

As soon as they begin moving, a tall Githyanki emerges from a doorway and begins threatening them, accusing them of being the ones who made the illegal portals "last time, too." This prompts the group to fight this person, who soon calls on reinforcements. Unfortunately for me, a person who hates bugs, these reinforcements arrive in the form of two 15-ft millipede-like creature with spiky arms! OH NO! There is a brief tussle, where the Githyanki tries to run away, but Ray kills him with an arrow to the back as he runs. Jaela and Eckhart kill the two millipede creatures (gross), with the help of the others. Ellie does a ton of damage, too, but I'm not trying to detail every turn of this fight. What is this, the Wiki pages of a year ago? Ha!

Anyway, the episode ends.


Ray, Eckhart Dayhammer, Ros, and Ellie Wick all show up at Aludra and Jaela's place, to tell them that they have found Adira Harper. She is in Sigil, in a tavern, and so the group all gets on a portal machine that Ellie invented, and teleport to Sigil. They encounter a mean local, and make short work of him and his nightmarish bodyguards.


  • Ray knows Rowan Grey, which makes sense because Ray's boss (Ashayara Dayne) is Rowan's half-sister
  • Eckhart got his metallic arm in Pelor's Hope, from a renowned mechanechanist

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