Episode 332 - Welcome to Sigil Part 2

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Jett Razorand Sal, The Street Meat Vendor

"You're a gross little man, and you're going to take us to the Bronze Toad." ~ Queen Aludra Wyrmsbane

"Wonderful! Thank you. I truly believe this is the best you could do." ~ Elliewick Battlebranch


Episode 332 - Welcome to Sigil Part 2

Jaela and Aludra continue their search for Adira Harper. Hopefully the journey isn’t filled with danger as well as twists and turns! That would be spooky!

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Long Story

After being healed by Ellie, the team tries to figure out where The Bronze Toad could be. Cause that's where Adira Harper is, you know. Ray is able to grab onto a Tout, which is a kind of guide for Sigil. In this case, it's someone who seems to be a young child, but is, in fact, an older, acerbic man. At first he's resistant to actually guiding them, but Jaela is able to intimidate him into taking him to the tavern. So, he does that.

The Bronze Toad is a sketchy, shady place. There are almost no patrons there, but for three drow sitting around a table. What's more, the bartender is a beholder, using his Telekinesis to clean the glasses and pour the drinks. After learning the beholder's name is Jennie, and getting a truly revolting drink, the party sits around a table and deliberates on their next move. They see the stairway leading to the upstairs rooms, but they can't get past the bartender. Maybe they could use some subterfuge to get through here? Aludra tries that, asking Jennie for a room. The beholder tells them that they are all booked up, and when they ask about a "goth, scary woman" staying here, Jennie gets stern, and tells them they should leave. Clearly, subterfuge is not the way. What about sneaking? Ray tries to stealth her way upstairs, but is noticed and stopped by the drow. She returns to the table and informs the rest of the group that she suspects this place is not a real tavern, but rather a front for some nefarious activities.

Ellie tells them that she has a Rope of Climbing, which they could use outside to climb into the upstairs windows. This seems to be the best idea, so they make like a tree, and get out of the tavern. Outside are two more drow standing guard, but Ray and Jaela make short, stealthy work of them. Using Ellie's rope, they are able to find Adira!

She's alone in one of the rooms. Her hair's short and black, and she's wearing her spidery dress. Something might be moving around in the corner, but it's too dark to tell. Now comes the problem of everyone wanting to be the one to jump into the room to take her out. Eckhart Dayhammer (who, need I remind you, has been here the whole time) insists that Adira be taken alive, so she can be questioned. Queen Aludra makes an executive decision to send Eckhart in, but commands him to grab her and pull her outside, instead of questioning her in the room, alone. He agrees.

Dayhammer flings the window open. He jumps inside, while Ellie casts Animate Object on the furniture in the room, sending it all flying. Dayhammer lands, rolling on the ground and removing his sword at the same time. He swings it at Adira, but his sword glances off a sudden field of invulnerability, emanating from a stone levitating above Adira's head. The woman has spun around, lightning quick, and she mutters in incantation. In an instant, Eckhart Dayhammer vanishes. Aludra and Jaela recognize this, as the Maze spell. At this same moment, a golden dragon flies out from the corner of the room, landing near Adira.

Adira calls out for Aludra and Jaela, sensing or seeing them in the window, and the queens respond, demanding an explanation for her abduction of the young Prince Thom Harper. Adira claims that she took the boy to "keep him safe", and promises to explain the other stuff, too, but as soon as she opens her mouth to speak, blood begins spurting out of it. She seems, for a moment, like she is going to faint, but is held up by the mysterious golden dragon. She steadies herself, curses, and tells them that she is unable to tell them what is going on.

But, perhaps, she can show them.


With the help of a friendly guide, the party heads to the Bronze Toad, which is run by a beholder. They determine that the place is a sham, a front for some nefarious activities. They sneak upstairs and find Adira and a golden dragon in one of the rooms. Eckhart Dayhammer jumps in, and is sent to a Maze. She catches the others, and claims that she was trying to save Prince Thom Harper, and that she can't explain what she's been up to, but she can show them.


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