Episode 333 - Oops! All Tobies

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Lahni Caplain, being carried by, possibly, Eckhart Dayhammer?

"If you get cold [hot] cocoa, you know what that is, Rowan? Chocolate milk!" ~ Lahni, with her 20 WIS

"This is Cap'n Crunch, Oops! All Tobies." ~ Mike Bachmann


Episode 333 - Oops! All Tobies

With the gang returning from HELL they now have some hard choices to make. Well, mostly one choice to make and it is hard. But, since they get a brief moment of downtime they are able to explore some of their hobbies and train a little bit. Maybe some spring cleaning too.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters




Long Story

Having finally resolved their whole situation in Ferrim Pecunia, The Tower of Grey pop back into existence in their home in Greenham. Toby sends for Clarence Scrimald, a local cleric who helps them from time to time, to help out with Bercy Hamhands and his missing leg. While the cleric is healing Bercy, Toby inducts the half-orc into the Tower, as a member! Before they are able to take a rest, they are interrupted by Eckhart Dayhammer, last seen being sent to a maze by Adira Harper in Sigil. He fills the rest of them in on things that we, the audience, know, but adds that when he finally got out of the maze, Aludra, Jaela, Adira and everyone else was gone! All that remained was a pool of blood on the ground (this was probably due to Adira coughing up blood from trying to explain herself. It's a whole thing.) Nothing to do about it now, however, so the party takes a much needed rest, with Toby announcing that he will need to be alone for about 24 hours.

The next morning, Rowan uses the Sending Network to communicate with Ashayara Dayne, Queen of Pelor's Hope. She asks about Aludra and co, but Ashayara Dayne doesn't know anything. Rowan tells this to the others, and together, they decide that they need to go to Sigil. But they need Toby to do it. And he didn't wake up with the rest of them. In fact, he's not in his room at all...

The adventurers head down to Toby's lab to find the door (which may or may not be beads) locked. Fortunately, Lahni can phase through things using her Boots of Phasing! So she does that! But Toby's not in here either. It actually appears to have been cleaned out: all that remains is a bunch of trash. Toby must have teleported away with his belongings to avoid them. They decide to leave and wait for Toby. While they do, Lahni notices that The Orb has begun vibrating. She examines it, and sees that one of the two remaining buttons is blinking. Of course, she presses it, and it shows them an image of The City of Brass. Then, Borris announces the return of Toby.

The gnome appears, offering the others a magical presentation. He tells them that they are all about to bear witness to the new and improved Toby Gang. We all know Toby, and his simulacrum-turned-real-boy, Toby 2, who now asks to be called Terrance. So, okay. We also meet Toby 3, a simulacrum of the current Toby 1. He has short, spiky hair. We ALSO meet Toby 4, a simulacrum of the current Terrance, formerly Toby 2. He has long, straight hair off to the side. We ALSO ALSO meet Hoby, a Homunculus Toby who looks like Lilo and Stitch's Stitch, but with Toby's face. And made out of pumpkins. So that's fun.


The party meets up with Eckhart Dayhammer again, and learn what he knows. They rest and the next morning, Toby reveals that there are now FIVE TOBIES! Toby Prime, Toby 2 (now called Terrance), Toby 3 (a copy of Toby), Toby 4 (a copy of Terrance), and Hoby (a Homunculus version of Toby). That's basically all that happens. Also, Bercy's leg is fixed, and Ashayara Dayne doesn't know where Aludra and Jaela are.


  • Bercy is now an official member of the Tower of Grey!
    • He's also going to have a limp from now on, since his leg wasn't in the best shape when it was magicked back on
  • Ray is Rowan's cousin?
  • Toby may or may not have moved his lab into a demi-plane only he can access. It's unclear at this time

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