Episode 337 - Brimstone and Melted Snow

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Episode 337 - Brimstone and Melted Snow

This volcano sucks. There, I said it. Whatever defenses remain better be more welcoming. I know defenses are supposed to defend but you can at least be polite about it. Anyways, I hate this plane.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



Long Story

Rowan Grey is dancing with a local from town, while Hoby drinks milk. That's just a quick check in. The main thing is that Lahni, Skud, and Trey are fighting that lava creature from before. Trey, realizing that this thing is immune to fire, attempts to run away. Or creates a copy of himself which runs away. It's unclear. Lahni does what she does best, which is running up to the thing's face and punching it. This burns her. She does turn invisible, so she only takes half damage, but she's still getting burned af. As this is going on, the creature keeps emitting these blasts of heat that render our heroes exhausted. So that's not good! Akkiooooooo keeps using Bone Shard moves, sending a hail of, well, bone shards at the creature, and that helps, but mostly, things aren't looking good. Lahni keeps attacking, invisible, doing a ton of damage while still taking same. Then, the creature turns to look at her! Oh no! It attacks, but she can take it. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for Trey, who succumbs to the intense heat of this nightmare creature, and dies. It's a real bummer, but there is a brief flashback to a time where Toby told everyone that the Toby Gang (except perhaps Terrance) is expendable. It doesn't really matter if they die.


Lahni, Skud, and Trey fight the lava creature, and are failing. Trey dies. That's basically it.


  • Jennifer Cheek was feeling under the weather at this time, so she couldn't be there
    • Also, it was apparently her and Tim's eighth wedding anniversary
  • The woman that Rowan was dancing with was a baker from the local baker's guild, black hair with a grey streak in the front. Her name was either Glaire Cravitz, or Boonifa. There's no way of knowing
    • This character is vitally important and will show up again. I'm sure
  • Trey is expendable
  • Bachmann says that his skeletons can't speak, but we all of course remember Episode 275 - An Unquenchable Thirst (GeeklyCon 2018 Live Show), where Michael confirmed that they can, in fact, speak
  • Trey can't casts 7th level spells, but can cast 8th
    • This is because Toby used a 7th level spell before Toby 3 was made
      • Also, the only cantrip he has is Firebolt
  • Apparently, Lahni has had a sickle with her this whole time
  • The creature that they are battling in this episode is called an Imix
  • Final appearance of Trey :(

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Nika - 7
    • Tim - 5
    • Bachmann - 19