Episode 338 - Indoor Fire Pit

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A cool as heck Rowan Grey
"You should know, Toby... He died a coward!" ~ Skdu referencing Trey


Episode 338 - Indoor Fire Pit

The battle rages on and honestly… it is a bit much. Like, what is so good in this mountain? Right?

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



Long Story

Trey has died. There may or may not be a long conversation about whether Lahni should take a Potion of Fire Resistance. I listen to these on Twitch, I don't know how much got cut out. I suppose I could leave this part temporarily, and fill it in later, when the episode comes out, but no. I like these little peaks into my life. How are you guys? I'm good. Excited for the new Pokémon game that's coming out. Oh, hey! By the time this is published, that will already have been released. How is it, is it good? Anyway, Lahni doesn't take the potion. Instead she gives it to Skud, and because this is a second episode, he butt chugs it. Perhaps I should clarify. He doesn't take it and shove it in his butt. No, instead Lahni takes it and shoves it in Skud's butt for him. Just so we're on the same page. Canonically, Lahni gave Skud a Fire Resistant anal douching...

Skud heals Lahni, and is suffering extreme exhaustion from the heat. Things aren't looking good... That's when Toby, back in the library, senses the death of Trey, and teleports himself and Eckhart Dayhammer to his corpse's location. Boy, is he in for a shock! Actually, Toby leaps right into action, ripping off on of the stars on his Robe of Stars, and using it as a Magic Missile on this lava creature. Dayhammer, as well, charges forward and attacks. Together, they are able to lower this thing's health enough for Lahni to deal the killing blow!


Lahni and Skud are having a hard time fighting this lava creature, so Toby and Eckhart Dayhammer arrive to help. They are able to finally kill it.


  • I feel bad when there's no trivia. Seriously, how is the new Pokémon? Is it fun. I'm getting angry that no one's answered this yet.

Quest Log Updates