Episode 339 - Fire Fighters

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The glorious Rowan Grey
{Sung to the tune of "Here Comes the Sun}: "We're gonna die, in the lava!" ~ Jennifer Cheek


Episode 339 - Fire Fighters

The battle rages on and honestly… it is a bit much. Like, what is so good in this mountain? Right?

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters




Long Story

Having just defeated the giant lava creature that killed Trey, the gang wonders what Roan is up to. They are answered in the form of the elf herself appearing out of nowhere, along with Hoby! Together, the party catches up with each other, and they head toward the doorway at the end of the room. There's a drawing above it of a ballista, which is a good indication that that's where they're meant to go. Inside, they notice several things:

1. The walls and floor are made of naturally occurring volcanic rock.

2. It's hella hot, in no small part because,

3. There are pits in the ground full of lava/magma (no one knows which is which), and most importantly,

4. There are two spikes on the wall, each having six tentacles of molten lava swinging at them and attacking!

There is a tussle, a relatively brief one. Toby sends out Arlington and Hoby to assist everyone, Rowan uses her Dancing Rapier, and Lahni punches so much that she ends up dealing the killing blow to, not one, but both stump things. Hurray! Still hot af in here, though


Rowan joins up with the gang, who go into the next room and fight another lave creature. That's pretty much it.


  • Eckhart Dayhammer hates necromancy, and seeing Toby's monstrosities unnerves him
    • Also, he wants to fuck himself
  • Tim was quite ill during this episode, so only one was recorded this night. Poor guy

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Tim - 8 - roll-off - 2
    • Nika - 8 - roll-off - 3
    • Bachmann - 7
    • Jennifer - doesn't roll