Episode 33 - What Rhymes with Crag Mon?

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Episode 33 - What Rhymes with Crag Mon?

Hello adventurers! I hope you are wearing your hott pink parachute because we are falling into another magical episode of Drunks and Dragons. On this episode the gang learns a little more about this Harper character. What is his deal anyway? Also, Bucky leads us to the mystical temple.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



Bucky leads the party to the Forbidden Temple and on the way admits that he has been inside and knows about some of the traps. Also on the way Thom the Dragonborn and Aludra the Dwarf question him about his dead ass parents. Bucky gets upset and Aludra adopts him on the spot while Harper is taking a dump in a field.

Bucky helps the party successfully navigate the traps in the temple, but they leave him outside the final chamber because he is afraid of the "dark winged beast." They enter the final chamber and find that it is completely full to the brim with treasure, and on the floor is the corpse of Captain Blindy. They take The Whip of Binding and are confronted with the dark winged beast, who turns out to be a black dragon.


  • This is the episode where Bucky is adopted by Thom and Aludra!
  • This is also the episode where Harper shits in the woods as a show of force!

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