Episode 346 - A Beholder's Bar

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"Guys, stop talking about this! This is so fucking gross! We don't have that much time. Seriously. We have to fight a Beholder! We have so little time! Seriously, you frickin' fricks!" ~ Tim, or Toby?


Episode 346 - A Beholder's Bar

This Hell Swamp is terrible but maybe this bar will be cool. I don’t think it will be. Infernal Rick, the infernal beholder, keeps some strange company…

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters


  • Akiooooooo



Long Story

Skud, Toby, Chase Endaljoy, and Kate Aurochs have made it into Muck E. Trousers, the tavern where they will find Rick the Beholder. Chase, having a history here, knows the protocol to get into the secret gambling den. First, they order drinks. Then, they take those drinks with them to the back of the room, past the gendered bathrooms (it is Hell, after all), and into the gender-neutral bathroom. Inside there, Chase taps on some of the bricks in the wall, to reveal a secret passageway. Inside here is, something very unusual.

It's a club, with electronic dance music playing. A DJ in a bucket helmet drops that base as the party takes in the rave they have found themselves in. The place is full, but there's only one patron that catches their... EYE. After all this time, they have finally found Rick the Beholder. He sits in the back corner, his eye stalks slicked back like hair. All except one, which he's using to see. This is because his one giant eye bares an eyepatch! After he spots Chase dancing on the floor, he announces in a booming voice that she is not allowed in here. Chase insults him back, resulting in the Beholder attacking them!

The fight is actually pretty short, which is surprising. I mean, yeah, they'll level 19, but still, it's a beholder. You'd think it'd be a little bit more of a challenge. Oh well. Everyone remembers that Skud's giant skeleton Akkiooooooo is there, right? Well, it is, and ultimately, it (she? he? they?) are the one to wield the Bone card. After Rick is damaged sufficiently, Akioooooo slaps the card against his middle eye. There's a flash of light, and the card falls to the ground, Rick trapped inside. It wiggles suspensefully three times, and then... stops. Rick has been captured! The formerly blank card now features the skeletal figure of a Beholder! Victory!

Also, Chase gets her greataxe back.


The group find Rick the Beholder, fights him, and successfully captures him in the Bone card.


  • Chase's signature drink is comically large mug with several eggs in it. It's a brackish fluid, and a terror to think on
  • Toby hates Spearmint
  • The DJ for this club is Leech Pastor Master, or something

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Tim - 12
    • Bachmann - 14
    • Ivana - 4