Episode 34 - Teamwork, the Deadliest Weapon

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Episode 34 - Teamwork, the Deadliest Weapon

Hello friends and family, thank you for visiting our magical headquaters located conveniently in an underwater valcono. This week things get – dicey – to put it midly. A bitter battler rages and the survival of the Drunks and Dragons it filed into the “doubtful” drawer. The only way to fight off this viscous monster is to work as a team.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



The gang is surprisingly successful at fighting the Black Dragon. This is mostly because they really all start to embrace their combat roles with Lord Titus Harper controlling, Aludra the Dwarf tanking and Thom the Dragonborn buffing. Thom's bardic nature starts to show itself and he does an admirable job not getting killed. Aludra gets blasted quite a bit by acid breath but she withstands it like the brick house she is.

Upon slaying the black dragon, the party has approximately 30 seconds to celebrate before a much bigger dragon arrives and tells them they just killed it's child. Woops.

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