Episode 350 - Failed Experiments

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"I get a turn! No, I'm getting attacked... I heard the way you said it..." ~ Mike Bachmann


Episode 350 - Failed Experiments

We were ambushed by some strange creatures and this leaves us questioning everything. Can we trust our eyes and ears anymore? Probably not…

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



Long Story

The Tower of Grey's secret meeting with Footpad Boulderhill is interrupted by the Dark Drow, Silga Darvo, Master of Whispers to the dreaded Pyre. She immediately casts Darkness in the room, and initiates a fight! In the magical darkness, more people enter the room and join the fray. As they attack, they say weird stuff, like "Bakchoy," "Bonedoor," "Squishbucket," and "I hate Scrulls!" So, that's bizarre. Toby Misty Steps out of the room, looks back inside, and can see a black bubble surrounding the door. He then Fireballs the blackness to hurt everyone inside. Rowan has the Feral Senses ability, and can see the outline of the creatures she's fighting even in the darkness. She sees four other large bodies fighting alongside the Drow. Jennifer rolls really well, and does a ton of damage with her Oathbow and Dancing Rapier. Lahni does a move called "The Sprinkler", where she spins wildly and hits the weirdos.

From outside, Toby sees Silga Darvo emerge and blasts coldness from her hands. He then Polymoprhs Darvo into an octopus, which has two effects. One, it's hilarious, and two, the darkness goes away. It's revealed that the other creatures in the room are Dragonborn! With tails! They're all kinda strange, mutant looking. In fact, they look like kinda fucked up Thoms...

Ballard's house is on fire now. Rowan kills Bakchoy, and I Hate Scrulls. Lahni knocks out Bonedoor. Skud is unusually intent on murdering these things, for some reason. He does so on Squishbucket using Chromatic Orb. And thus ends the fight! And the episode!


Silga Darvo attacks the party, casting Darkness in the room. Also, four creatures enter, which are saying weird things. Toby turns Darvo into an octopus, so the rest of the party can see the creatures. They are strange, failed clones of Thom the Dragonborn!



  • Skud now has heavy armor that looks exactly like his bathrobe, but with scrap metal and things taped to it, including real fish. For some reason
  • The fact that they are failed Thoms makes the strange sayings make sense. "I hate Scrulls" is supposed to be "I hate Gnolls," and "Squishbucket" is a referrence to Fish Buckets. "Bakchoy" is "My boy!" as in "My only son!" (Discovered by Hugo in the chat), and "Bonedoor" is "Boner"

Quest Log Updates