Episode 351 - Spy Time

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{Picture of the Toby clones} "You see this? I made these people! Also, I made me, babyyyy!!!" ~ Toby Treacletart


Episode 351 - Spy Time

Time for information gathering about our current hated foe – Pyre. That naughty dragon is going to get his just desserts after attacking us at Skud monastery and oh boy will he be shocked when he goes to Bone Card Prison.

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Long Story

Silga Darvo has been made into an octopus by Toby, but they need to question her. To do that, she needs to be a Drow again. So, Skud creates a bone cage and sticks her in it, while Lahni enters and holds her/it down, and Rowan shoots it with an arrow. This reduces her hit points down to zero, which, in turns, restores her to her original state. Great! Now time to interrogate her. Toby asks what the Thom clone is, and she says it's a Thom clone! A failed one. There are more, but they are all failed versions. There is only one true Thom. Eckhart Dayhammer remembers that he is there, and that he was present for a certain battle back in Episode 305. During this battle, Aludra and Jaela were attacked by an army of dragons, led by... Thom the Dragonborn. Weird that this hasn't come up before. Anyway, Darvo tells them that the clones were created by the most brilliant mind in all of Drunkeros, one Celtra Wimblepuck. She actually studied with Toby at the White Spire, but was kicked out for dabbling in Necromancy. Darvo wonders if Wimblepuck is the only one that Pyre fears...

Rowan suggests that they make another version of Darvo, one who will listen to them. Toby says that he can make another Simulacrum, this time of her, who will do their bidding. Meanwhile, they keep the real one locked up here in New Newfoundland Land, and have Eckhart Dayhammer stay here and watch her. Or, as Dayhammer suggests, he takes her back to The Circle of Seven for trial. That's a better idea, so they go with that. Toby casts Wish to make the simulacrum immediately, while the others help Mayor Ballard clean his house.

The Bonedoor clone wakes up, but they can't get any useful information out of him, so they decide to kill him. Rowan attempts to shoot him, but misses, so Skud encases him in a bone cage and slowly crushes him. He loves it. The clone, not Skud. Well, Skud probably loves it, too. That dudes a little weird. That's when Toby brings out the Darvo "clone". The whole situation's pretty fucked up, but it does give Footpad Boulderhill an idea: do a Chewbacca maneuver using the fake Darvo. That way they can just walk through the front gates. Also, Boulderhill tells them about his Darkblade leader, Magsman Calor. If that name sounds familiar to you, it's because there was a Footpad Calor who was killed by Pyre a while back. Well, this is that same guy! He got a promotion! And survived somehow! Cool!

It's discovered that Pyre has an army 3,000 strong, so they can't take them on headfirst, but perhaps, as Lahni suggests, they can sneak a message to the impoverished people of Mastwick that The Tower of Grey is coming to save them! All they need to do is help fight against the army. The group sends word to their allies that are coming to help, to also bring weapons. Boulderhill tells them that it would help to target Browl Theckhammer, the general of Pyre's army. Lahni also suggests they lure Pyre out using The Orb. Then they go to sleep.

The next morning, with no more planning to do, they head out toward Mastwick. Boulderhill told them where to meet the Darkblades, a warehouse by the docks. As they approach, they see "The Spike", an enormous tower that Pyre lives in, three times as large as the White Spire. The guards at the city walls see Darvo walking with a bunch of Thom clones and let them through. And thus, the heroes enter Mastwick...


The group interrogates Silga Darvo, and learn that there are more Thom clones, and the real one is weirdly back somehow? Toby makes a simulacrum of Darvo and Dayhammer takes her back to the Circle of Seven. The failed Thom clone wakes up, but can't give them any useful information, so they kill it. Then they form a plan to use the simulacrum to sneak into the city and meet with the Darkblades in a warehouse down by the docks. Also, they plan of getting the people of Mastwick to fight with them against the army of Pyre. The episode ends with them stepping through the city gates, disguised as Thom clones.



  • Pyre's been in Mastwick for 12 years, but in this episode, they say 9. It's whatever
  • The Treacletarts and the Wimblepucks new each other
  • Toby admits to taking the last Bunsen burner on the first day of class with Celtra Wimblepuck. Is this was started her on her path of evil? Probably...
  • Silga Darvo worships Tiamat, no surprise there
  • Magsman is the highest rank in the Darkblades, currently

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