Episode 354 - The Final Bonk

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I believe this is Thom the Dragonborn
"That's kinda Skud all over, isn't it? 'Worse than Toby!'" ~ Bachmann


Episode 354 - The Final Bonk

Oh crap! We gotta get rude with some of Mastwicke’s roughest dudes in some sort of torture room! Hopefully our heroes are able to handle this horrid place and its more horrid henchmen.

Cast and Player Characters

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Long Story

An invisible Lahni, and a far-too-visible Toby stand in the dungeons of The Spike, face to face with Zelon, the Master of Punishment. He's not alone. Three assistance, dressed in gimp suits stand beside him (is gimp okay to say? It feels not okay to say). The walls of the dungeon are adorned in terrors, such as whips and bindings, and there's a fireplace with spooky instruments heating up inside it. There are only two exits: the stairway to the upper levels (which Toby has sealed off with an adamantine wall), and the trapdoor leading to the sewers (which is locked). Rowan and Skud are below the trapdoor, at the base of a ladder leading up to it. Also, Footpad Boulderhill is there.

Rowan climbs the ladder and whacks the trapdoor open, allowing her to leap out and join the fight. Toby throws some rice on the ground and casts Mass Suggestion on the minions, causing them to suddenly stop and count the rice. This lasts for 24 hours. Lahni begins wailing on Zelon with her fists of fury, while Skud saunters up the ladder and snipes at close range. Rowan gets a bear trap to the shoulder, which no one is strong enough to pry open. You know, it occurs to me how chaotic and wild a lot of these magical DnD fights would actually be. Like, imagine being an adventurers in a party, getting into a fight like this. There would just be burst of action all around, there'd be no way to follow it all. One of your co-adventurers would casts Lightning Bolt or something, and it would just be a burst of lightning, you don't know where it came from. It'd be wild. Anyway, the three minions are defeated, and it's just down to Zelon.

Skud attempts to use (probably for the first time) a sword, attempting to do non-lethal damage (they want to question this douche). He fails. He then tries to send his Spiritual Weapon (a whip, fittingly), at Zelon. He fails. Well, so much for that. Lahni switches tactics, and tries to offer kind words of encouragement, which somehow does massive damage to him. Finally, it's Rowan who clubs him (and Tim by accident) on the head, knocking him unconscious and ending the fight.


There is a fight with Zelon. They knock him out.



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  • Recap
    • Tim - 10
    • Jennifer - Nat20 - Bapped - chooses Tim
    • Bachmann - 18
    • Nika - doesn't roll