Episode 35 - A Flight of Futility

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Episode 35 - A Flight of Futility

Hello wonderful listeners. Boy are we in a pickle… without getting too deep into the whole situation, we may have angered an elder dragon. Who is to say. Anyways, we are a hearty and strong bunch so everything should be A-ok. Thrifty wouldn’t kill us, right? Especially not Bucky...

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The gang flees the angry ancient black dragon, sadly with no treasure aside from The Whip of Binding. They now have to face down all the traps they handily avoided previously and they do well for about a minute. Unfortunately they fail the skill challenge spectacularly and Bucky almost gets eaten in front of them. But at the last minute Fennekin astral projects himself in long enough to distract the dragon and let them escape. Not really their finest hour.

Quest Log Updates