Episode 364 - Toppling the Tyrannical Pyre Part 3

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Skud's BattleBot

"What's the best egg?" ~ Toby

"Tomato..." ~ A Feeble Minded Pyre


Episode 364 - Toppling the Tyrannical Pyre Part 3

Pyre turning into a freaking skellington and being all weird and gross at us was definitely a twist we did not see coming. But, seeing as we are strong AND brave heroes, this was nothing that we couldn’t handle / run away from.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



Long Story

Pyre the dragon has just emerged from Skud's card, half transformed into a terrifying, skeleton visage. Now, he's pissed, and ready for more. Lahni starts the action by running over to the cracked floor and hiding Toby behind some ridge, where he immediately uses his Robe of Stars to vanish into the Astral Plane. Rowan uses her tried and true Hail of Thorns to give Pyre a bad time, and deals a ton of damage. In response, Pyre approaches the half-elf and bites her, also dealing a ton of damage. For his part, Skud runs closer.

And then, Lahni, the simple Wood Elf from Arkensaw, the sweet and loyal friend of The Tower of Grey, runs up to Pyre, and punches him so hard that she knocks him out. Lahni. Knocks out. A dragon. This is incredible. Skud feels the card vibrating even stronger now (I guess it returned to him when it failed to catch Pyre), and Rowan decides to set a show record. She uses Hail of Thorns again, but this time, with Pyre unable to resist, she does 113 damage to the creature. THAT'S SO MUCH DAMAGE! Between this and Lahni knocking him out, along with Pyre's horrific image, this might be the most awesome episode of all time. And it's about to get even cooler.

Skud reaches for his card, realizing that he could, in all likelihood, catch him now, but then he thinks better of it. The opportunity has presented itself, one that will not come up again. Instead of trying to catch Pyre right away, Skud casts Feeble Mind! Again, Pyre fails to resist, and his mind becomes Feeble. He is now a big ol' dumb gumb, and will remain so for an entire month! Toby finally returns to the battle, just in time to see Skud throw the card once again at Pyre. This time, the card shakes three times, dramatically... And captures him! Pyre is defeated! Mastwick is free!

The doors burst open and and the Darkblades all rush in, along with Old Mrs. Hamhands and her army of Dusters.


Lahni knocks out the dragon, just by punching it (awesome), leaving the rest of the party available to do some pretty awesome shit. Rowan uses Hail of Thorns to deal the most amount of damage the show has ever seen (I think), and Skud uses Feeble Mind finally, making Pyre stupid for a month. He then is able to capture it, freeing the city of Mastwick. Old Mrs. Hamhands runs in, along with the Dusters and the Darkblades.


  • Lahni has 10 beans
  • At the top of the episode, everyone is varying distances from Pyre: Rowan is 120 ft away, Lahni and Toby are 50 ft away, Skud is 180 ft away, and his BattleBot is 77 ft aaway
  • Rowan does 113 damage, and it's absolutely absurd
  • Pyre can try to be free of the Feeble Mind once every 30 days


  • Lahni
  • Rowan
  • Skud
    • Gold Bone Coin that lets him enter the Bones championship
    • Heavy Armor, atop of his robe, adorned with fish
    • Sending Stone
    • Longsword of Wounding
  • Toby
  • Anyone
    • "Several" Potions of Fire Resistance
    • Potions of Haste
    • Dark Blade
    • More Sending Stones, just in case

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Tim - 13
    • Nika - 7
    • Jennifer - 14
    • Bachmann - Nat20 - Bapped - Chooses Tim