Episode 366 - Jilling the Bonehammer

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{Clockwise starting left:} Rowan Grey, Skud Derringer, Lahni Caplain, and Toby Treacletart, with Pyre flying above
"Unfortunately, they're all Gungans. I'm so sorry!" ~ Michael


Episode 366 - Jilling the Bonehammer

Listen in wonder as your heroes descend into the Elemental Plane of Water and learn a bit more of its mysterious ways. Luckily for all of us, a friendly local gives us a lay of the land as we pursue the bone card master on this plane.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



Long Story

The party is in the tram taking them through The Elemental Plane of Water, a deep underwater seascape. There are many scary ocean creatures here, and currently, the ocean is trying to get in, by way of the open windows. Ya boy Toby is able to create a wall against the wall, to seal the windows shut, but is asked by Bercy Hamhands to make them into glass so that they can see the world outside. It's actually kind of awesome. The water is strangely luminescent, and there is seaweed and kelp floating around. They can even see what looks to be figures approaching them, and ass they get closer, we can see that they look like Gungans from Star Wars, oh no! At first inquisitive, the creatures suddenly look very startled, and retreat, as the light around the tram begins to dim. Looking up, the party sees an enormous "missile-shaped" creature, the largest thing they've ever seen. It eats some other fish, terrifying poor Toby.

Skud, meanwhile, in his premium seating has begun to feel a certain power emanate from deep inside him. This is, first of all, gross, and second of all, due to the fact that he is a Water Genasi, meaning that he is currently in his Element here, so to speak. He doesn't however, have any memory of being here before. The others find a visitor's guide to this world, and learn that the train is taking them to a city called Dreikfelldur, which is where the Colosseum lies, in which they will be competing in the Bones tournament. Their competitor: A non-gendered Storm Giant named Jilling the Bonehammer, under the management of someone named The Maroness. They fight with a Bone Kraken, which might just be the most badass thing I've ever heard of. Finally, the train approaches the city, and we see it is made of coral.

As they de-board the train, they are met by a Kua-Toa named Skipper, who tells them about the city. There is a tavern they should stay at, called The White Flounder. He makes reference to the fact that it is incredibly rare for Jilling the Bonehammer to be actually fighting, only on special occasions. Also, it's his (Skipper's) birthday today, and so the group wants to throw a party for him that night. After grabbing some Pina Coladas, they finally make it to the White Flounder.


The party has a run in with a giant "missile-shaped" thing before making it to the city, meeting Skipper and being directed to The White Flounder. That' mostly it. This was mostly a fun RP episode, which I love.


  • It was Nika's idea that the guards look like Gungans, a statement she immediately regretted
  • Rowan can't swim
  • Skud can cast cleric spells at an automatic 3+ level advantage while in the plane of water! That's awesome
  • Today is the Kua-Toa's birthday


  • Lahni
  • Rowan
  • Skud
    • Gold Bone Coin that lets him enter the Bones championship
    • Heavy Armor, atop of his robe, adorned with fish
    • Sending Stone
    • Longsword of Wounding
  • Toby
  • Anyone
    • "Several" Potions of Fire Resistance
    • Potions of Haste
    • Dark Blade
    • More Sending Stones, just in case
    • Potions of Underwater Breathing

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Tim - 5
    • Bachmann - 16
    • Nika - 12
    • Jennifer - 13