Episode 36 - No Rest for the Wicked

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Episode 36 - No Rest for the Wicked

Hello and welcome back to another excited episode of Drunks and Dragons. This sure has been a dragon filled bit of episodes hasn’t it? It really fits within our theme. There shouldn’t be a dragon or dragon-folk on the water so everything should be A-ok. Maybe we will start fighting several groups of drunks since that is the next logical conclusion. I don’t think there are any podcasts in our fantasy world...

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



Tails between their legs (literally for Thom the Dragonborn) the party heads back to the boat after almost dying at the hands of the elder black dragon. However they do have The Whip of Binding and their new son/nephew Bucky. The boat casts off and they leave The Lost Island heading for Mastwick.

They're not long on the sea however before another ship starts coming after them bearing the symbol of the god Tiamat. Lord Titus Harper tries to keep them at bay with a storm but is unsuccessful. The ship comes up to them and is full of Acolytes of Tiamat who want to smite them in the name of Tiamat. Minions and mayhem ensue but our heroes are victorious. They attempt to save the other ship to start their own navy but it's on fire and falling apart. They get some sweet treasure off the dead Dragonborn and wonder what they did to piss off a god this time.

Quest Log Updates