Episode 372 - Welcome to the Elemental Plane of Earth

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EXTREME close up of Rowan Grey
"Don't smile because it's over; cry because it happened." ~ Mike Bachmann


Episode 372 - Welcome to the Elemental Plane of Earth

Having solved the Water Gym and receiving the respective badge, our heroes rush to the Elemental Plane of Earth for more Bonecard Battles! Will these battles be hard as a rock? Or will Skud and his Bone Team pumice them?!

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



Long Story

Skud and his friends have just defeated Jilling the Bonehammer! The Maroness takes them all out for ice cream at the DQ (Dungeon Queen) to congratulate them. Sitting around the table, the question arises: Where to next? This is a tricky dilemma. One that will require time and many different arguments. I wouldn't be surprised if the entire episode was just them talking about this. Wait, no. Skud just wants to go straight to the Elemental Plane of Earth to get the Earth Badge. Okay, let's head to the train station, I guess. But first, they ask Skipper if he wants to go with them. He does not, as there wouldn't be a lot of water in the Earth plane, but Skud is able to convince him by offering a Bone Card with the image of the Agro Crag from Nickelodeon's Guts! on it.

Anyway, they make it to the Elemental Tramway, whereupon Skud, reluctantly, purchases first class tickets to the Earth Plane for everyone in the party. The train takes them toward the Plane, but they have to change the train they are on when they get there, because the traditional train isn't train enough to train through the plane, especially in the rain. Wait, there's no rain. It's just a special train that can travel in the Elemental Plane of Earth, that burrows through the dirt, almost like a drill. They head right for the city of Jörldin. It is filled with Dao, the genie/guard type of this plane (as the Marid were for Water, and the Efreeti were to Fire). The brochure advertises the upcoming Bones championship game, Earthstomp 42, with the current reigning champion: The Sorrowful Man! He looks like he's wearing a wooden mask with only eyeholes and tears carved down its face. He also has a few huge skeletons behind him, 4-legged animal things. Cool and weird! As they travel, they see giant worms burrowing, which I don't like. There is a White Flounder Inn in this Plane as well, which Skipper wants them to stay at. After a long time, the train pulls into the station, and the party de-boards.

A small, rocky creature stands before them. He's the Skipper of this world, and his name is Dipper. He is a "Galeb Duhr", and he gets the bags. Skipper doesn't like this guy, and recommends they don't interact with him. Reluctantly, however, they agree to let Dipper take them to the tourist section of town. He moves really slowly until Toby casts Haste on him. Soon, the city comes into view. There is air for them to breathe, though it's thick and dusty, and there are glowing gems that provide light. More importantly, there are many, many options for them to choose from when it comes to hotels. Thank Uthgar.


After beating Jilling the Bonehammer, the party heads to the Elemental Plane of Earth, bringing Skipper with them. They meet the guide of this Plane, Dipper, and make it to the city of Jörldin.


  • Toby's favorite ice cream flavor is Vanilla, because he's The WorstTM</sup>
  • Lahni's favorite ice cream is warm mayonnaise, and I think I might be sick
  • Skud's dog was named Squelch, as we all remember
  • Dipper is a Christian


  • Lahni
  • Rowan
  • Skud
    • Gold Bone Coin that lets him enter the Bones championship
    • Water Badge
    • Heavy Armor, atop of his robe, adorned with fish
    • Sending Stone
    • Longsword of Wounding
  • Toby
  • Anyone
    • "Several" Potions of Fire Resistance
    • Potions of Haste
    • Dark Blade
    • More Sending Stones, just in case
    • Potions of Underwater Breathing
    • Bag of Infinite Burgers
    • Bag of Infinite Moscow Mules

Quest Log Updates


  • Lahni rolls Persuasion to get Skipper to accompany them
    • 15+0
      • She fails, and he demands 420 gp