Episode 37 - Mastwick Chronicles

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Episode 37 - Mastwick Chronicles

Hello wonderful listeners, we welcome you back to the auditory version of the beautiful Mastwick. Yes, it is a fine little city. But, you are not here for pleasure, no this is a business trip. Perhaps you will meet a few new associates along the way. You know, Networking.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters

  • Salty
  • Tilly


  • The ship
  • Mastwick
    • Knuckle Punchers
    • Bercy Hamhands' place
    • Old Mrs. Hamhands' place


The party arrives in Mastwick, so much older and (debatably) wiser than the last time they were there. A greasy elf named Niles Blackwater meets them on the docks and asks them to help him find Bercy Hamhands for the Darkblades. They decide to do it, partly for the memory of Tum "Darkblade" Thumble and mostly for the money.

Niles takes them to see Hamhand's girlfriend Tilly who lives on Elm Street (maybe, somebody check that). Thom is eager to show off his door smashing skills for Niles and they burst in on Tilly, who is the worst. Thom intimidates her into submission and she tells them that she doesn't know where Hamhands is and they should go check with his coach Salty at Knuckle Punchers on Maple Street.

They head over to Knuckle Punchers and find that it is a rough and tumble gym for knuckle brawlers. Niles advises them to prove themselves in a bout before they can get information. Thom happily agrees and does fisticuffs with a burly guy. Salty approves of his fisting and asks them what they want to know about Hamhands. He tells the party that Hamhands had a hideout outside of town where he kept a bug out bag, and that he dreamed of leaving Mastwick and Tilly behind.

They head out to this shack in the night and find it completely empty. Niles disarms a trap for them but otherwise nobody has been there in a while. They find Bercy's bug out bag untouched and inside is a picture of Old Mrs. Hamhands. They find Old Mrs. Hamhands' address on Oak Street and head back to Mastwick to find her.

When they get there Niles stops Thom from immediately busting down the down and listens at the door. They hear the sounds of two people snoring behind the door.

Quest Log Updates