Episode 38 - Smash and Grab

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Episode 38 - Smash and Grab

With the aide of our new…business partner we set out to find out where Ham Hands stashed his winnings. Will things go smoothly as Ham Hands turns himself in? Or will the gang have to convince him with fire and sword? I think you already know the answer...

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After determining that there are two people sleeping in Old Mrs. Hamhands apartment, Niles deftly picks the lock (despite Lord Titus Harper breathing down his neck). They burst in and proceed to fight Bercy Hamhands while Old Mrs. Hamhands jumps out the window. During the fight, Niles makes him way into the other room where he finds the sacks of gold Bercy stole. Much to the party's dismay, he grabs the gold, also jumps out the window and escapes into the night. The party defeats Bercy and then wonders what the hell to do next.

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