Episode 39 - Settling up with the Darkblades

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Episode 39 - Settling up with the Darkblades

Hell hath no fury like a dragonborn scorn. Our adventurers decide to seek out the Darkblades who have double-crossed them in our latest episode. Stay turned after the end music to hear an impromptu discussion of DnD Next. You also get the hear the normal nonsense that goes on between episodes.

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With an unconscious half orc at their feet and no gold in sight, the party discusses what to do with Bercy Hamhands now that Niles Blackwater has run off. Aludra the Dwarf suggests tying hams to his hands, which Thom the Dragonborn loves beyond belief and references through the entire episode. They tie up Hamhands and do tie some hams to his hands before he comes to. Aludra does a 180 from trying to kill him the previous episodes and feels sorry for him. They eventually decide to haul Hamhands off to a skeezy bar where they ask around about Darkblades and meet up with Footpad Calor. Calor tells them that Niles Blackwater has gone rogue and his life is forfeit. He gives the party 1500 GP for their trouble and has Hamhands hauled off somewhere.

There is then a discussion of their new level 7 powers.

Quest Log Updates