Episode 3 - More Than I Can Chew

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Episode Stats

Season 3 Episode 3

Title: More Than I Can Chew

Air Date: 4/12/2015

Length: 59:02

Swear Jar Count: 15 Veronica grants the players a personal reroll.

Next Episode: Episode 4 - Whoa Whoa Whoa

Previous Episode: Episode 2 - Schizophilia

From the Website

Sometimes the voice in your head is your conscience. Sometimes it’s something else. Something worse.

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Episode Synopsis

This time on Cthulhu and friends…

Clem walks away with the raven on her arm. Jack asks Clem to help him log onto the data pad.

After logging on Jack finds the satellite image from over Monhegan, and notices smoke rising. Jack becomes despondent, meanwhile Luna tries to contact one of her siblings on the radio. After a lengthy silence there is a reply in code; stay away.

Now that Jack knows there are survivors he begins to plan how they will get to the island. Looking through the garages on Tes’s property Luna finds a pristine 50’s late model T-bird. After getting the key from Tes, Luna gathers up the supplies and loads them into the car.

Clem pulls Jack outside and draws his attention to the shadow over Innsmouth. She mentions that Jack might be stuck on Earth because of Mary Mason.

Jack, Ronald, and Luna get in the car and travel towards St Paxton. After hours of driving they stop at an LOC refueling station. While alone with Luna, Jack informs her that Mary is inside of his head, and that she is affecting him. Worried about this news, Luna links telepathically with Jack, and Mary’s voice greets her. Luna immediately severs the connection and asks Jack how it happened.

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