Episode 3 - The One with the Baby!

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Episode Stats

Season 1 Episode 3

Title: The One with the Baby!

Air Date: 09/13/2013

Length: 01:24

Next Episode: Episode 4 - Water & Blood

Previous Episode: Episode 2 - Visit Scenic Monhegan Island!

From the Website

Things get creepier and more complicated as our intrepid investigators continue their detective work on Monhegan Island.

Episode Synopsis

This time on Cthulhu & Friends...

Vaeda unknowingly casts a spell which caused darkness and brought forth some Deep Ones. She slams the book away. Xander Cain breaks into the mansion and gets mixed up in the chaos.

The players end up searching the house. Vaeda takes the first floor while Jack and Xander circle around the outside. They finda small window that leads essentially nowhere, but let them know of the presence of a subterranean local. Vaeda is able to find a panel in the kitchen. Xander successfully opens the panel which leads them into a dirt tunnel lit with torches.

At the end they find a door that they are unable to open. The group notices a peephole over the door. On the other side, they see the two creepy twin daughters as they deilver a dose of something in an old castor oil container to an apparently 12 year old girl. Possibly the girl Jack and Vaeda have been looking for - Sarah.

With no way to open the door, they decide to search the house once more. They notice the owner of the house skulking away into the darkness with a flashlight. They pursued and were attacked by angry townspeople with nets and they defended themselves. The townspeople are trying to lead them to a sacrifice where they will be eaten by fish people.

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