Episode 3 - The Persistence of Memory

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Episode Stats

Season 4 Episode 3

Title: The Persistence of Memory

Air Date: 3/23/16

Length: 1:14

Swear Jar Count: No swear jar count, but 10% added to the "Imma Die" die randomly awarded to Mike.

Next Episode: Bloopisode 6

Previous Episode: Episode 2 - People are Strange

From the Website

The Gentlemen buckle down to meet a deadline and struggle to recall certain details.

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Season 4 cover art by Kym Stonick.

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Episode Synopsis

This time on Cthulhu and friends…

THe police officer seems annoyed at Leonard's insistance that something happened last night. Leondard calls the office and explains what he's found. After the call, Leondard helps give the truck a look over and right after he pops the hood the truck explodes. Leondard finds that he's unharmed after he helps douse the officer. Frank and Steve arrive on the scene shortly after the fire department and take pictures.

After finishing at the truck, the gentlemen look over the statue at the water's edge near the pier. However they find nothing new.

They head back to the office, and upon arriving see Hank chatting with Alice. Hank explains that he was drinking and left early and he takes his car and the parts for home. Steve starts drafting up on a story and Frank develops a layout for the first St. Paxton Herald: Evening Edition.

Once they are finished, Steve turns in the final draft and Alice runs it upstairs to the new owner. Steve steps out of his office and sees Barry (rival photographer) at the main entrance. Barry is very upset and claims that no one seems to know who he is anymore. Leonard comes out when he hears Steve talking, but he and Frank are not able to see Barry at all. Barry carries on talking to Steve and tells him to check the pictures from last night. Steve excuses himself and heads upstairs to inspect the photos. As he starts looking at them, Barry starts fading from the photos that he was previously in.

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