Episode 40 - Requiem with the Dragon Hunter

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Episode 40 - Requiem with the Dragon Hunter

We are whisked away once again to our weird dragon world. Who knows what this strange dream world is and what our purpose is within it. We will fight our way through this trial like we always do. Knowing that another battle is just around the corner, whether that corner be dream or otherwise.

Cast and Player Characters



The party celebrates their defeat of Bercy Hamhands and takes a rest on their boat in order to get up to Level 7. However when they wake they are no longer on the boat but in a forest glade. They see their old friend Aelar who looks much older and much more bitchin, with his sweet new facial scar. Aelar warns them that it's no coincidence that they end up here and that he is a dragon hunter. They are interrupted by (surprise) an Adult Red Dragon.

With Aelar's help they destroy the dragon easily and force it to eat like so many trees. And they only accidentally swear in front of Owen once. Aelar is about to tell them what is happening when the party begins to wake up. They find sand in their underwear.


  • Level 7 baby!