Episode 41 - Salty Sea Wench

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Episode 41 - Salty Sea Wench

After our strange dream and battle with the red dragon, we adventurers we ready to pursue another artifact. Already having The Whip of Binding, we set off to gather the Brazier of Worlds and the Orb of Endless Power. Except that there was a small issue that prevented us from our journey.

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With their Mastwick quest log finally empty the party discusses whether they should try to go for The Orb of Endless Power or The Brazier of Worlds next and much to everyone's surprise they decided to go for the Orb. They are up and raring to go when they find out that Ros is missing, having gone out the night before and not returned. Xantolin tells them she went to Joe-Bob's Oat Emporium to get some oats for Daisy. They head off to the Oat Emporium and talk to Joe-Bob himself about where Ros is. He tells them that she was taken away by a huge bugbear. Thom the Dragonborn has a very in depth conversation/makeout session with the village idiot. Aludra gets her tracker hound on and follows a trail of oats left by Ros to the factory district. However once there they lose the trail and the skill challenge. A street urchin comes up to them and tells them that he was ordered to bring them to a warehouse.

In the warehouse they find Ros, tied up and in the hands of Rugul Thumble, the aforementioned bugbear. He has a number of extra thugs with him including a griffon. Rugal explains that he is trying to find Tum "Darkblade" Thumble on the orders of Trant Thumble all the while not realizing that Tum is super dead. He kidnapped Tum's "woman" causing some awkwardness between Thom and Ros. There is some wonderful player vs player rolling but eventually it comes out that Tum is dead and Rugul reveals that in that case he has no choice but to kill them all. He kicks Ros in the head and combat begins.

Quest Log Updates