Episode 42 - Mordenkrad Time

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Episode 42 - Mordenkrad Time

Well, we found Ros but we also found a group of fearsome thugs. One of which was wielding a giant Mordenkrad that really threatened Harper’s good looks. Who knows, maybe we can talk our way out of this battle? A hero can dream, right?

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The party is fighting Rugul Thumble in order to save Ros and let's just say it doesn't go so well for them. Rugul's Mordenkrad is a fearsome weapon, dealing dozens of damage to Thom the Dragonborn almost right out of the gate. Aludra fairs a little better but on the whole the battle looks pretty bleak. When all looks lost Ros reveals that she's actually a pretty bitchin rogue who can dish out the damage herself. She frees herself and heals Thom, the proceeds to wreak havok on the extra thugs while Aludra and Harper take down Rugal. In particular, she stabs the griffon in the throat while making unbreaking eye contact with Thom. It's the most conflicted and aroused he's ever been.

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