Episode 43 - The Raging Storm

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Episode 43 - The Raging Storm

A bruised and battered group of adventurers sheath their weapons. They know that they almost died and the only thing that saved them was the help of their friends. Unity is what keeps this group together. Once again the gang is back together and ready to face the great next step in their grand adventure!

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Bewildered by their most recent very near death experience, the party confronts Ros about her seemingly newfound powers. She reveals that she used to work as an assassin, but decided to become a simple boatwoman after she found she enjoyed killing too much. Thom is understandably confused and aroused. Lord Titus Harper shows Ros his secret for dealing with a dark past and gives her a pill of basilisk dung to eat. As Ros starts to trip balls they head to a nice inn for some wining, dining and burpees.

Once everything is settled, they all head back to the boat to begin their trip to The Crypt of Sinu the Red. During the weeks at sea, Thom the Dragonborn and Aludra the Dwarf try their hand at this parenting thing, with mixed results. Lord Titus Harper also gets a hammer to the face after he tries to show off his magical prowess. So at the very least Bucky learns a lesson about consequences. During this time Harper also makes some sweet new magic items for everybody.

After a few weeks at sea they get fairly close to their destination: Keshai. But a storm brews and Ros needs their help to get through it. Thom orders the crew about and Aludra uses her observation and nature powers to steer them in the right direction. They break their streak of failing skill challenges and make it through the storm, which was being made by a badass Storm Giant.

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