Episode 44 - The Sins of the Fathers

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Episode 44 - The Sins of the Fathers

We aren’t saying that all backwoods settlements in our campaign world are filled with crazy people. We aren’t saying that. But, something about this particular backwoods village seems a little…off? I guess the gang has to deal out some old school justice if anything is fishy is going on. But what are the odds of that, right?

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Battered but not beaten by the storm, the party lands in Medwyn before reaching Keshai to restock and repair. Upon landing they are greeted by a group of women and children in very traditional dress. They are amazed at the sight of the party, having rarely met outsiders. It all seems to be going really well until an old codger shows up. He introduces himself as the village elder Krint and promptly tells them to get out. He denies them any supplies and tells them they can't even keep the boat there. Thom the Dragonborn tries to convince Krint that they are long lost brothers, which is (shockingly) unsuccessful. Lord Titus Harper then gets all nobility on everybody by promising to give them 500 GP, because he has no concept of money.

In the end the party just plows on through the village and the codgers don't do anything to stop them. But when they get outside the village Aludra finds a note in her pocket that says "Help us." They argue a bit about what that means and whether the codgers or the children are the enemy here. But in the end they decide to get Aludra to sneak into the village to spy. Why they choose Aludra for this is beyond anybody's understanding, including themselves as they admit. Aludra manages to sneak decently well actually, and gets a look around until a girl named Brae finds her and asks for help. Aludra and Brae rendezvous with Thom and Harper while Brae explains that tomorrow her brother is going to be sacrificed to Dungarth. Dungarth is apparently a 100 ft tall forest monster who eats children sent as bribe snacks. But seeing as Brae has a pretty poor grasp on pronunciation even of the word Harper, they aren't super confident in her description.

The next day they follow the procession that leads Brae's brother into the woods and they watch as he is left there. Aludra rolls a rocking natural 20 on her nature check to reveal that Dungarth is actually just a Briar Troll. He is not 100 ft tall but he is still pretty fearsome. They get one round of combat in, freeing the boy, before the episode ends.

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