Episode 45 - Troll Toll

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Episode 45 - Troll Toll

The heroes know when they have to risk their lives for the common man. It is a basic part about being a hero. If a town is haunted by a sea witch, then you better prepare yourself for a salty battle. Just the same, if a town is harrased by a 100 foot tall forrest spirit, who is actually a normal sized forrest troll, then you know that you will have to have some words with this forrest spirit.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters

  • Dungarth



The party resumes fighting Dungarth and it's a little touch and go. Thom seduces the fuck out of the troll with his new magic amulet. Harper and Aludra take some nasty damage but Thom's new bard powers keep them going. The episode ends before the end of combat, making this combat the only one to span 3 episodes.

Ironically the biggest trolls in the episode are Jennifer, Bachmann and Michael who spend the whole episode trolling Tim.

Quest Log Updates