Episode 49 - The Great Heist

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Episode 49 - The Great Heist

Tim and Jennifer are off enjoying a schnitzel and can’t be with us this week, but we are lucky enough to be joined by the lovely Adam Bash (@bashkick) and Sarah Tompkins (@herladytompkins) as Thom the Dragonborn attempts to take on the greatest heist of his (and anyone else’s) lifetime. Will Thom finally be reunited with his one true love? You will have to listen to find out!

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



Aludra takes time out to mourn for the loss of her brother and Harper decides to join her. In the meantime, Thom is left a mysterious message outside of his hotel room and this leads him to meet a shady character called Salazar.

Salazar is well aware of Thom's obsession with the greatsword Blood Drinker and offers to help Thom retrieve it from Castle Greyskull, if he can also find some magic dice. He is also told to meet up with a master locksmith and a master of disguise to enter the castle and find his true love.

Thom finds the first member of his crew down some dingy sewers - a Kenku Ravenman called Watari. Watari has fallen on hard times of late and reveals that he was a former "child" of Trant Thumble. He is very happy to join up with Thom to try and steal Blood Drinker as it will diminish Trant Thumble's grip on power. He carries around his chains as a reminder of his times in Castle Greyskill and as a weapon.

The second member of Thom's heist crew is a changeling lady called Wren. Wren is a master of diguise and is a keen falconer, her familiar being a particularly clever one. Wren is less keen on the heist when she finds out Watari will be coming along, it's never explained why she hates him. However, she is soon convinced by a large wad of cash and a promise to slash up Trant Thumble should the opportunity arise.

The plan then goes as follows: Find the dignitary who is due to meet Trant the next day and replace his entourage with themselves. The group find the entourage at a nearby inn and a plot is hatched to trick them into trying on clothes in a room upstairs. Thom also meets a dragonborn with a tail and it all gets quite emotional. Especially when Thom's kin is brutally murdered upstairs and dumped in the sewers. Then it is on to the heist...


  • First appearance of Wren!
  • First appearance of Watari!

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