Episode 4 - Mr. Mason is My Father's Name

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Episode Stats

Season 4 Episode 4

Title: Mr. Mason is My Father's Name

Air Date: 4/13/16

Length: 01:13

Swear Jar Count: 0 - no penalty awarded.

Next Episode: Episode 5 - The Scoop

Previous Episode: Bloopisode 6

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Episode Synopsis

This time on Cthulhu and friends…

Barry begs Steve to tell him that he was here. That he existed. Steve turns and then Barry is suddenly gone.

Later, the gentlemen chat with Alice who explains that they are getting bikes for deliveries and personal use. Then the new owner comes downstairs and introduces himself as Edward Mason. Steven inquires about the mixup with the front page newstory, but Edward dismisses his concerns and becomes very agitated.

Afterwards, the gentleman split up. Leonard heads back to the halfway house to get help for the paper deliveries while Steve and Frank head out to get the metal fragment analyized.

While waiting for transportation, Frank sees a strange man wandering around. Frank calls out to him and then has a brief chat. When Frank mentions Ms. Mason, the man freaks out and runs into traffic where a car slams into him. Steve runs over to check on the man and tells him that he's going to make it.

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